How to prevent free movement of people

If I were the anti-Christ, as someone on my testimonials page said, if I knew that Enoch Powell was basically right about non-assimilating cultures, if I wanted an end-result of a society with no free movement of people but wanted to make mischief and sow discord along the way, I ‘d firstly give the people a bubble.

Never mind that they can’t afford it and are living on credit which they don’t question the source of or how it is being made possible. People then travel freely.

I’d also bring in some kind of love-thy-neighbour narrative, crammed with buzzwords such as equality, fairness and rights, labelling any detraction “phobia”. That means that immigration can no be officially open slather. I’d make sure the UKBA is packed with non-comp, compliant pen-pushers who couldn’t find belly-lint in their navels and this lot would get it all wrong, not monitor and so on.

It wouldn’t actually be their fault because how could you castigate a toddler for not driving a car properly? It’s actually the fault of the £300 000 a year “managers” above them who allowed this to happen, managers who are never brought to book but just shifted sideways when it all hits the fan.

So having wrought my mischief, either quoting Marx as my reasoning or if bored with that, some other -ism, I sit back and watch everyone tearing each other apart before the ultimate result – savage restrictions on immigration and free movement, even within the country. Checkpoints, regional border controls – Boston overkill in reaction to a national issue.

People’s travel plans, even to go to the next town, would be submitted to authorities, just as happened to Wodehouse when the Germans arrived in their nice green uniforms.

The screws would be tightened at the behest of the people – that’s the ultimate joke on the people.


Read the last paragraph in particular:

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  1. John Bolton
    April 28, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    ‘I see the river Tiber foaming with blood’. Or maybe not; have our citizens been welfared to sleep? Perhaps they will awake when we finally run out of credit. This year, possibly; next year almost certainly. Is there any member of the political class prepared to stand up and tell the truth? I had hope of IDS once or maybe Davies but they don’t speak. The problem is, if we get someone from outside the political class God alone knows what they will do.

  2. Verily
    April 29, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Welfare currently exists not to rescue people from poverty (hard to reconcile any measure of poverty with the size of the colour TV one has, or the frequency of holidays abroad) but to suppress people. Policing is expensive and as crime detection measurable, you don’t want the citizens alarmed by frightening numbers of failures to apprehend. So, by handing cash to the welfare-dependent you dissuade them not only from stealing from others (keeps crime statistics down) but gives them something to vote for. They aren’t literate or bright enough to vote for the future.

    Romney, for example, found that reasoned arguments about cash flow and the economy wasn’t good enough last November when so many wanted to vote for the ‘free stuff’ that the Democrats promised.

    By opening the borders you can bring in lots more people who will eagerly vote for the ‘free stuff’ for now, and though it will eventually run out the wealthy who insisted on all this equality and fairness will have fled to sunnier climes leaving the likes of London and our big cities to either burn or in the hands of gangs of different nationalities and cults.

    Putting authoritarianism on the agenda requires someone to enforce it, and thought here are scads of laws being invented all the time to ‘ensure’ compliance the truth is they are soon going to get to be unenforceable. Closing the borders isn’t an option when the EU wants to expand and in expanding, allow free migration.

    It is a temporary attempt to keep power, but it will soon be wrested away from them. The anti-Christ approach is to safeguard one’s own interests and let the rest of us go to hell. Closing the borders won’t happen with the EU as it is, though I concede free movement in your own town could well happen.

    Already muslim gangs in some places are declaring no-go areas, so it won’t take much for lots of immigrants to set up their own ‘communities’ and restrict your freedom to move around. We will comply of course by handing out benefits indiscriminately (complete with detailed documents in their own language, rather than English) to keep them calm for a while and hope they vote for your party.

    Trouble is, as the Chechen brothers in Boston proved recently, you can bring them in and help them but they won’t like you any the better for it. They’d rather have their own boundaries on their terms.

    • Viscount Rectum
      April 29, 2013 at 4:39 pm

      The chechen brothers proved only that Boston was a scam, try “Before its news” the fire-fight with a kid in the boat took half an hour for him to be subdued except he had no gun in the boat, they could have been arrested before any device went off, it was a drill for marshall law as for Muslim immigration who opened the door?

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