Why must they always interfere?

Let’s start with Macheath on the State:

Over the intervening years, the arrival of tax credits has dramatically skewed the picture, as have the abolition of MIRAS for the family home and the inability to transfer tax allowance to non-working partners.

That’s just an example of the State or people under the State feeding on its teat, interfering because they deem that they need to interfere. Busybodies, dogooding incompetents who take something which works, ruin it then spend time and resources, on fatcat slaries, trying to compensate for the deficiencies.

An example is from Julia M:

“Essex County Council agreed the former Olympic venue, in Chapel Lane could play host to a school games event last Friday after plans to hold it in Danbury Park fell through due to heavy snowfall that month. The council was assured only 600 young athletes from 14 schools would be transported to the venue in three separate coaches.”

And it apparently never occurred to them that anyone else might come along…

There it is in one sentence. What’s happening is that established bodies such as councils are stacked with entirely the wrong sort of staff, of limited brain, compliant with Common Purpose “suggestions”, incapable of thought patterns and steeped in the Narrative.

To these are added new institutions such as fake charities and committees to investigate how smoke can affect people’s lives, with a view to redesigning buildings and educating people, training the non-comps who will carry out this “education” and so it goes on, administered by grey people on fatcat salaries, obscene salaries at a time of recession.

They don’t stop there. Having been employed at taxpayer expense, they have to do something to justify those salaries and so they dream up ways to interfere with us. And it’s not only in the public sector – the disease has spread to the private. Have you noticed Google have reversed their ridiculous captcha scheme now it’s been shown to be an utter disaster, causing aggravation to just about everyone?

And so to the English Heritage. Stonehenge, already messed up and uglified with the eyesore fences, is now subject to the worst interference yet.

Courtesy Cherie, this appalling scheme to interfere, close roads and construct, at enormous cost, an eyesore PoMo box called an “environmentally friendly” visitor centre 1.5 miles away from where you need it.

These sorts of people simply cannot get anything right, can they? And that was a link from Cherie’s comment on a post about France trying to turn an island which they’d ruined and made into a silted up messy peninsula back into an island:

As the New York Times explains, Mont-St-Michel used to stand on its own off the coast until a misguided dam project in 1969 messed up the natural flow of water and caused huge amounts of silt to build up. As a result, Mont-St-Michel, home to an ancient abbey, is now attached to the mainland. A $285 million project to rectify things is under way, though locals are vexed because it has brought expensive shuttles and parking, along with confused tourists.

And on aesthetics, JD commented:

A thought struck me yesterday as I was gazing out of the window of the bus. Modern architecture probably looks good on the drawing board but a building is rarely seen at a distance in its entirety.
It is seen or glimpsed only in part and what is seen can only be a (disjointed) fragment of the whole and the part is not aesthetically satisfactory because that part was not designed to be seen in isolation from the rest of the design.

If you think of St Pancras, or indeed of a VW beetle, you will know that seeing just a small part of the object will identify it immediately as part of the whole. This is known as ‘self similarity’ in design terms and is one of the reasons why modern architecture is underwhelming. (There are other reasons but we haven’t got all day – do your own research )

And Amfortas also commented on this inability to get things right once interference had occurred:

Opposite the main railway station in Melbourne next to the river and flanked across the adjacent road by a gothic-style Cathedral, stood an empty plot. The City Fathers (hah !, As if.) determined to have a monument the likes of which had never been created.

Architects from around the world vied to build ‘Federation Square’. It was to be the best architectural piece to last a thousand years.

What went up was the most awful monstrosity that a sane mind could conjour in a nightmare.

In the years that have followed ( a decade now) some attempt has been made to humanise it, but to date all efforts have failed.

It is not at all likely to last a thousand years, or even a century. Hopefully not even another decade.




Why can they not leave well enough alone, as it was for centuries?

As previously mentioned, the answer is that the sort of people employed these days in these areas see themselves as change agents and simply must interfere. Indeed they are employed on the basis that they are change agents for change’s sake.

Interfering is the curse of the modern day. It was probably always a a curse but today it’s reached epidemic proportions.

3 comments for “Why must they always interfere?

  1. Andrew Duffin
    May 1, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    “It was probably always a a curse but today it’s reached epidemic proportions.”

    Indeed it has.

    Because today the State has far far more power and reach than ever before, so it can mess things up on a far greater scale than ever before.

    Yet another reason to cut it down to size – size being perhaps 20% of what it is now. Maybe less.

    Fat chance.

    The state is not your friend.

  2. The Jannie
    May 1, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    the best architectural piece to last a thousand years.

    That didn’t work; it looks as if half of it has already blown away.

    • May 2, 2013 at 1:39 am

      They say you can’t polish a turd, but you can dip it in glitter. Federation Square is a prime example of glittery shit.

      TEOTWAWKI can’t come too soon…

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