Cameron and political labels

This appears at 11 a.m. but was written early morning, after South Shields and before other results. It’s not intended to make friends and influence anyone.

What do you call someone who believes:

# People should be left alone to run their own lives and the State and PCists should butt out of telling us what to do, eff off with their bansturbation;

# The state should be small-to-non-existent, maintaining defence and other critical national areas, maybe support for the genuinely disabled but not for the new single-mother-on-the-dole as a lifechoice;

# Our traditions and heritage, our past, our history, is what has defined this nation and should be celebrated and taught in schools;

# The countryside should be supported responsibly – don’t litter, don’t destroy but equally, the livelihoods of people also have to be weighed against that;

# Low taxes, no stealth taxes and free enterprise, esp. for small business ventures, is the way forward – restrain council greed in order to allow city centres to breathe again and above all, get rid of VAT;

# The banksters and the international financial crims need to be hunted down and incarcerated [after due process], including the Fed, the BofE and CBs everywhere;

# People who’ve saved a nest egg should not have it thieved from them to finance some new crackpot scheme, people’s pensions should be restored;

# There are moral absolutes and seven deadly sins, there is such a thing as decency and spiritual health, if only to refrain from the seven deadly sins;

# Open slather immigration is a crime by the government on the people, esp. when the incoming ethnicities/nationals in no way assimilate into nations they enter.

And so on. How do you label that person? I call him centre-right libertarian.


David Cameron has destroyed the Conservative Party. It was always a tricky proposition putting closet socialists – Major, Heath, Clarke, Osborne, Cameron – and the centre-right in the same party and proof of the former designation is the way they refer to the centre-right as rightwing, even loonies.

That’s the rhetoric of the PCists and the Narrative pushers who care not for the land of their birth. These people see those who believe in the things listed above as to the right of Genghis Khan. I don’t know what dystopia they believe in but I’ve lived under one for 12 years and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The people are good, the omnipotent State is not and yet these people are voting in parties who want that omnipotent State.

Cameron is one of those. My first post on him from 2007 was here and it demanded:

[mr. cameron] if you love the tories – stand down now

It wasn’t a particularly good post per se but that was the time this all started and noteworthy in comments was one Thunderdragon who was a loyal Conservative Party man and by the way, a very nice lad to boot. I lost countless people at that time to a few issues but that was one of them – the Tory bloggers shunned my blog after that and yet it’s been vindicated, has it not?

Everything I predicted Cameron would do to the party he has done. Blind Freddy could have predicted that and only the died-in-the-wool Tim Montgomerie type was going to stick to his guns and say: “No, no, we have to give him [Cameron] a chance, he’s the best we have, we can’t change horses midstream and so on.”

I met Tim and he also is a nice lad, many on the left are nice people too and I like them but their politics – one can only sigh.

Yes Tim, you can change horses if that horse is only fit for the knacker’s yard and will bring the cart down with it. You boldly find the best talent and put him in. But of course, no one sacks Bollinger boys. Look at Osborne. No one sacks Bilderboys either – just look at Blair, Brown and Balls.

Another test of the left is calling Blair rightwing. LOL – that one’s a real doozie. Global champagne socialist, war criminal and ripper-off of a nation being called rightwing. 🙂

Cameron’s attempts in the dying hours to become all centre-right was frankly sickening, such arrogant cynicism, such ignoring of the will of the people. To suddenly have an epiphany and see the light is fit only to be tried for treason to the nation.

I don’t know how UKIP will do, probably nicely but as for Cameron, he is an impoverished nothing man who should never, ever have been allowed to head a major party. Ditto with the Millipedes and Cleggover. I’d like the lot of them, plus the parachutees, quangoes, faux charities, bureaucrats on fatcat salaries, banksters – you know the list – I’d like the lot of them shipped off to Elba or somewhere, left with livestock and packets of seeds and gunboats can keep them there to ensure they don’t escape and come back to blight the people.

Extreme? Moi?

Cameron might even have done the Tories a big favour. People who believe the things on the list at the top might have been well served by the the Tory split. The next target is to split Labour but they’re more hardwired, feral, tribal and don’t use brains but Statist instincts – they’re a difficult one. As for the LibDems – they can take care of their own extinction. I’d like to see Cleggover remain leader forever.

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  1. mona
    May 3, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    UKIP have done fantasticly well and the Roma invasion has not yet started.

  2. john in cheshire
    May 3, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    In response to your question, I’d call them normal.

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