The lying toerags

BBC 5Live was on and the magnitude of the David and Goliath story was being played out. Hell, I’m not a Wigan supporter but to hear all those people virtually in tears, this was massive. Even City supporters were conceding that Wigan deserved it.

And sorry but I’m going to draw the parallel of Geelong FC downunder because they’re up there for character and commitment – even the opposition conceded that yesterday. He made specific reference to the character of the club, a club which is playing less skilled football on paper, getting beaten in all the key indicators but still winning.

And that can be extended to football in general. I hear what people say about the massive payouts to players, the prima donnas, the drugs, the whole yawnfest – you’re preaching to the converted here on that.

And yet there was something magical today and I wonder if even the most ardent anti-sport person can’t see this – what it does to achieve. We can live a life of dull routine – work, home, sleep, work and yes, it’s important but these sorts of things today are created from nothing – they give hope to people, they say things ARE possible, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Some dignitary in Wigan was asked what it meant and he said, “Everything.” Yes, it’s so. And downunder, the same. It’s been well noted that when the team does well, the whole town lifts, productivity shoots up and absences drop. It’s a lifeblood thing.

So, in that euphoric mood, suddenly the BBC cut to Miliband – Milieffingband – and he was lying through his teeth. He was telling total porkies on national radio. And if Roger Helmer had not been there, those porkies would have been unchallenged.

I was in utter shock. How the F did they go from the big event today to Miliband and the EU? And he said that Labour, in the national interest – get that, the national interest – would stay in. Then he added all the other chestnuts about how we’d lose half our trade, how we had responsibility to other European countries etc.

What utter BS. For a start, it’s 40% trade. The notion of the UK, one of the major nations of the world not trading with European countries – that is utter bollox. And he then spoke of the cost to the UK of withdrawal. The cost? The effing cost? The crippling cost of our membership is what is sucking the lifeblood out of the country – the cost of compliance, the creeping EU regulation of everything, the destruction of the fisheries, the butter mountains, the wastage, the failure of the auditors for what – 17 years? – to close off EU accounts.

And that’s before the creeping socialist regional thing refusing to recognize a country called England but seeing it as only 9 regions of the western outer arm of the new empire – eff off, Miliband you traitor. The absolute nerve of the man to pretend to have the slightest concern for the nation his lot blighted by indiscriminate immigration and they admitted it was to change the face of the nation forever.

And the crippling debt Labour put this country in, whilst introducing thousands of totally unnecessary laws – it’s too upsetting to go back over it all.

But the big one, the one which sent me near-apoplectic after having been in such a good mood was the Tory. I don’t even remember who he was but scarcely have I heard such cynical lying, even from a politician.

It would be impossible, he said, to hold a referendum in this parliament – the complexities were too great. You liar – you could announce it next week. Or else Cameron could be made to announce unilateral withdrawal. If parliament maintains it has the power to make laws and it alone – then there it is. And the cynicism of making it conditional on Pink Dave getting back to hold it – there are no words.

The Beeb host, to his credit, challenged it. Why not, he asked? Why, if 70% of the people want it, will you both refuse to grant it? And as they began their mealy-mouthed drivel, he cut them both and said, ‘But 70% of the people want it.”

That should have been the clincher. Was it? Was it hell.

I just switched off 5Live and wrote this instead.

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  1. Twenty_Rothmans
    May 12, 2013 at 12:43 am

    Miliband is not a traitor, because he is not really English. He is a self-serving weed. The wind blew him here, rather like an irradiating speck of fallout dust.

    Geelong should have won in 1989, but they surrendered the moral high ground when Brereton was decked. My elation at seeing The Kid doubled over and chundering was short-lived. You might as well shove your fist up a tiger’s bum.

    The tiger will show some discomfiture, but you’ll rue the day.

    • May 12, 2013 at 8:56 am

      Ah, one who knows, I see. 😉

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