Incompetence and coverup – where have we seen that before?

There was Bullfinch.

You’ve also no doubt been following the Oxford Abuse coverup and these things are nowadays so common across the country that one can almost become blaise about it – there are too many things to worry about. Nevertheless, this 45 minutes out of your life does show the deeper picture of what is going on at the official level in our society, especially at council level.

And here were some comments following that:

  • kevinto1972 10 hours ago I have to take issue with the racial discrimination part. You say Oxford was happy to prosecute Asian sex offenders, yet as your report acknowledges, Oxford took 9 years to charge anyone from when girls came forward. This has been the case in Rochdale, Rotherham and elsewhere. The authorities have clearly been terrified of prosecuting Asian men for raping white girls in case of a racism backlash. Obviously the college business is shocking too and the whistleblower as brave as you say.
  • ukcolumn 9 hours ago Yes, but once the fact of the systematic failings there became apparent, they only focussed on the Asian ring. Our point is that we believe they have singled out that ring to relieve the pressure on others operating in the area, by playing the race card. As we said in the programme, we could be wrong about that, but that’s how it seems to us.
  • kevinto1972 10 hours ago This might seem like a trivial comment but I don’t think it is. Almost without fail, when you see the person in charge of a public sector disaster interviewed on TV, the spokesperson is a severe middle aged woman like this. Joyce Thacker for example for Rotherham social services. I assume these people are all Common Purpose graduates and doing their bit behind the scenes for the glorious EUSSR, so maybe there’s a reason they recruit a particular sex, age group & mentality?
  • ukcolumn 9 hours ago I don’t think its a trivial comment at all. Pretty close to the mark, in fact.

Well done to UK Column and people like The Slog, Witterings, Autonomous Mind and so on for uncovering such things and let’s throw in the nursing home abuses, the failure of anyone to resign or be incarcerated and you have a corruption which, to be fair, always existed but has been systematized and exacerbated in the past few years due to the insidious influence of two bodies – the EU and Common Purpose.

Add to that the sycophantic way our government implements EU suggestions at the drop of a hat to show their compliance. And we can sheet that home, in part, to Nick Clegg at this time who is the main stumbling block over Europe, with Osborne and Clarke. Such a small party, the Lib Dems and yet in government and wreaking havoc.

As for Common Purpose, it’s becoming – and not fancifully now – like the Pod People in that movie. You just don’t know who they are until you start dealing with them and find corruption allegations mysteriously shelved, things not followed through and pressure on the whistleblower mysteriously begins – see Sheffield Council [posts passim] for details.

If you think this is being obsessive about Common Purpose, please check this article:

One thing immediately noticeable in AM’s post is “the lavishly renumerated Chief Executive of Oxfordshire County Council”. Why are these people on the types of salaries bordering on the obscene when compared to the average functionary in the council. I’ve run organizations and departments in my time and would claim my salary should have been higher. So, if the average staff member of a few years standing was on, say, £10 000, then I could be expected to be on about £30 000 tops.

Certainly not £300 000 – who has been driving up exec salaries in public bodies to that level? Answer that and you’ve found the people who need to be dismissed.

Now, have a look at this diagram from the clip:

at the top

A few things to note. Firstly, how incompetent and bland Joanna Simmons is in the clip – there’s a pattern up and down the UK of this kind of woman – for it is this kind of woman who is being appointed these days – plus the word CEO for a school.

CEO – think about that for a moment. Head teacher? Principal? Rector? Vice-Chancellor?

It is not fanciful to draw attention to that as it shows the way the public sector, infiltrated first by CP and its pretend private sector models and private sector speak have spread across the land. Cressida Dick springs to mind. And of course – look at the Chief Constable here. What’s the bet there’s all this KPI stuff and rolling out this and that goes on in their meetings?

Incompetents deliberately appointed to key roles for their incompetence and compliance in taking direction, no matter how illogical, non-integrated and even shady such direction is. Plus steeped in the nu-lexicon and anyone dealing with them, even to the oldest pensioner, has to get with it and develop the nu-speak or perish.

This is the side we don’t see until it hits the blogosphere. We see South-West RDA, we see EU regionalism, we see iDave’s Big Society and his EU localism under CP flunky direction, resulting in the blight of PCism from wheelie bin crime to more serious matters like care homes and always, there is this rhetoric which goes with it – you see it in their glossy literature costing the council tax payers big, there are big posters in their offices declaring their commitment to this or that but when investigated – they fall short as is seen in the vid.

We can throw out the bums in Westminster – difficult but it can be done. We can’t throw out these people, deeply entrenched in local government and far more difficult to dislodge and who would come in to replace them? A production line of CP graduates?

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4 comments for “Incompetence and coverup – where have we seen that before?

  1. Derek
    May 16, 2013 at 7:56 am

    Since Blair’s changes to local government, democratic control has all but dissapeared. Before Blair, if the media wanted to talk to someone on the council, they went to the councillor in charge of that department. Now councillors are almost irevelent, and the media go to the officials. It is almost impossible for councillors to sack the officials, or even to influence what they do. It is probable that Common Purpose runs most local councils. It is still possible to take control back, but not with councillors from the main parties in the council. They are too happy just taking their expences and sitting back doing nothing.

    • May 16, 2013 at 8:35 am

      And more specifically, it came out of the ODPM, more specifically Teenie-Weenie.

  2. john in cheshire
    May 16, 2013 at 8:28 am

    We just have to recall the GLC and Militant Tendency in Liverpool to know how difficult it is to get rid of these people. If there is no determination to do so by Mr Cameron, as there was by Margaret Thatcher then there is no chance.

    • May 16, 2013 at 8:36 am

      And therefore there is no chance currently, John.

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