What a load of Shite

From Guestposter Amfortas on the smoking situation downunder, showing this PC phenomenon is not just over here:

BAN on smoking could be the death knell for Tasmania”s agricultural shows, the chief of the Hobart Show says.

Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania chief executive Scott Gadd says his staff will not police the new rule at the Hobart Show in October.

The former top public servant is angry at the smoke-free directive announced by Public Health boss Roscoe Taylor at the weekend.



Mr Gadd said the added level of bureaucracy was one of the biggest issues facing rural shows, which have suffered dramatic falling attendances in the past 10 years.

“Agricultural shows are run by volunteers. We have very few paid staff,” he said.

Last year he had unsuccessfully tried a designated smoking area at the Hobart Show.

“The public didn”t go anywhere near it,” Mr Gadd said.

Not that this paragon of sense had the sense when he was a ‘top public servant’ now in a sinecure gained from being  a top public servant. He presided over the implementation of the ‘smoking bans’ legislations when they were elsewhere. Under his leadership cafes and pubs went out of business. Not that he cared then. He wasn’t employed by them.

Ridiculous government imposed rules about insurance cover and ‘elf n safety’ in ‘food preparation’ was the death-knell for having a cuppa or a sandwich at the village hall or children’s footy game. He didn’t raise his finger at that either. He wasn’t running the club cake stall.

Nor did he say anything when ‘volunteers’ were obliged to be vetted by the Police nbso online casino for as little as helping an old lady across the street. You cannot volunteer for anything in Tasmania util you are ‘registered’ and ‘vetted’. The interference in public life by ‘Top Public Servants’ digs deep and makes a huge pile.


Tasmania is an agricultural place as the Arse End of the World.  Industry avoids it like the plague due to the work-intolerant Labour-Green-Feminist government. Farmers struggle under arcane rules that include being fined for storing water in ponds.

Agricultural shows are the last gasp of an industry that persists in trying to grow edible plants and animals. But we must be herded by the Government when we look at their products.

Cigarette smoke is evil. Wicked. We don’t grow tobacco in Tasmania. (We do grow half the world’s legitimate supply of heroin though. Our poppy fields are protected by hedgerows.) We must not breath in other people’s smoke. BY Order. But it is still OK to breath in animal faeces. Pig shit, cow shit, horse shit, chicket shit.  Presumably they will go next.


Or maybe protection from breathing shit will have to wait for more pressing matters. Like banning babies from public places, as having a baby with you is a tacit criticism of  Abortion, which in Tasmania  you are NOT ALLOWED to speak against.

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2 comments for “What a load of Shite

  1. May 21, 2013 at 7:32 am

    Good post, but I think there’s a typo.

    “Tasmania is an agricultural place as the Arse End of the World.”

    Shouldn’t that be “at” the arse end etc.?

  2. amfortas
    May 21, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Well spotted. A prize for catching the other two.

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