Two current issues in blogging and at OoL specifically

This post is about two issues – blog closures and then technical aspects of OoL which are frustrating many.

Blog closures

Ranty has decided to close his blog again but that’s the worst thing he could do in the macro context of the state v us. There’s most certainly a lethargy among us born of frustration and disillusionment and many bloggers have just run dry. My Google Reader, as those with Readers know, shows new posts and these are vastly less now than they had been.

Whilst there is a natural attrition rate for blogs, please remember that such blogs are going to be needed far more in the future when things start to hot up. You might say: “Well, I’ll restart then,” but as a few former major bloggers found, once they did restart, the crowds did not necessarily come flooding back, at least not to the same extent and not in the same way.

A blog is a dynamic entity requiring a relationship between readers and blogger. That is – readers expect a certain consistency, otherwise they’ll fall away. OoL certainly dropped away when Longrider moved on but what has not been said is that during that time of trouble, the reader stats were never higher. One major blogger we know has taken to reprinting things from the media with short wry comments at the end.

Sorry, that’s not blogging. Better to reduce posts, even if it takes you a week to put a good one together, than to do this reprinting thing. The readers expect a certain conversation between them and the blogger and that is what made his blog before – the feeling that there was a human being on the other end who shared your cares and frustrations. Plus you expected something new to be posted or some aspect highlighted.

If our blogs close, we’re doing the PTB’s job for them. sorry.

Technical issues at OoL

First and foremost, we are lucky to have the site as the cost is borne by the techies and a little bit by me so I’m more than grateful for what we have.   However, there’s a range of things you’ve reported in past weeks:

1. Can’t get in to comment or when commenting, the page goes blank and then if you try again, it says “duplicate comment detected”. Then the whole comment disappears as if you had never commented at all – deeply frustrating.

2. When you try to comment, it won’t accept cut and paste from elsewhere.

3. It is crashing people’s internet. This is happening more and more. I can’t run OoL on my Firefox as it crashes. On Safari, it sometimes does.   I know those with super duper systems have no trouble and can’t understand why the rest of us do.

4. In compose mode, it sometimes does not go to next line when you hit enter, it doesn’t accept quotes within compose mode, only html and sundry other little niggles.

5. Sometimes the site doesn’t come up at all or shows a Cloudflare page asking if we’d like to try a live version or some other inanity or else it takes up to 30 seconds for the site to respond to a click.

6. Other issues have been reported which I don’t have but others seem to.

OK, we know this is going on but as it never happens to our techie, he can’t understand it and quite frankly, does not believe it. But you and I know it’s happening. Right, so all I can suggest is that it must be either this site’s theme [also currently run by Longrider], WP itself or else it’s the Cloudflare thing.

To say it’s your antiquated system is a cop-out and insulting. Sure my system is not cutting edge now but OoL must take into account all levels of readers’ machines. We’ll try to repair the situation in the next few days and if we can’t, we might need a more radical solution.

Just letting you know we’re aware of it, as they all say but we really will go radical on it if it gets no better for the majority.

3 comments for “Two current issues in blogging and at OoL specifically

  1. May 31, 2013 at 2:16 am

    How serendipitous Jimbo, I wrote my first post in two years tonight. It’ll go into dead air, but that’s alright. Start again… :mrgreen:

  2. May 31, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Gee, you disappeared off the ether, didn’t you? Glad to see you back but see I have to jump through hoops to get in. Shall try this evening.

  3. Single Acts of Tyranny
    June 2, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Try having a site that endlessly crashes for days!!

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