Is The Perfect Really The Enemy Of The Good?

One head teacher clearly thinks so:

From September, Oxford High School is to launch a new project dubbed ‘The Death of Little Miss Perfect’.

Across all subjects, girls at the school in Belbroughton Road, North Oxford, will be challenged to take part in things with the knowledge that due to time constraints or other restrictions, they will not be able to be perfect.

I eagerly await cries that they are ‘being set up to fail!’ and that this will damage their self-esteem (something that seems to worry the Left, who never seem to spot the oodles of unearned self-esteem possessed by today’s teenagers).

Mrs Carlisle said: “There is an issue with girls and women in particular trying to be perfect and it is stopping them being the best they can be.

“The voice in your head says I perhaps won’t try that because it won’t be good enough, or there is no point in doing that because it won’t be perfect.

“It’s the energy spent on getting the last two per cent when perhaps you could be celebrating getting 98 per cent and moving on, or turning over the page which has a small error in the right hand corner rather than ripping it out and copying it again.”

What do you think? Refreshing, in today’s polished world, or demoralising?

Mrs Carlisle said: “It’s potentially extremely damaging to think you should strive to be perfect in everything all the time.

“It doesn’t mean don’t aim high, it means get real.”

A super concept. One, I suspect, that the Left won’t like, with their ‘everyone must have prizes!’ outlook. And if it catches on, it’ll wreak havoc on the contestant pool for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’…

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  1. Derek
    July 4, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    What are the “teachers” going to do if some of the children manage to answer all the questions correctly.


  2. JimS
    July 4, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    My thought too!

    During my school days we used to go for ‘seconds’ and ‘thirds’ and ‘fourths’ of custard. Our form master caught us doing it and said we were greedy gluttons! Thinking he was smarter than us he stood over me and said he would stay there until I had finished every drop in my full bowl. He slunk away without a further word when I re-filled my emptied bowl to the brim!

    At the end of a science demonstration our teacher told us that the water level in a bell jar went up “as the candle burnt up the oxygen”. Without thinking I said “Please sir, the level went down first!” I don’t know if I was being set up to ‘fail’ but he came right back with “And why was that?”. Straight off the top of my head I hit back with “Because the candle heated the air and it expanded!”.

    It must have been hell putting up with those ‘smart’ kids. Perhaps the teachers are setting themselves up to fail?

    • ivan
      July 4, 2013 at 9:55 pm

      It sounds as if your science teacher actually knew his subject – something that is lacking today in most teachers.

  3. Mark
    July 4, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    I thought the idea of education was in part, to present children with challenging but achievable tasks that become progressively more difficult as they develop? One of the things one learns on the fly is that no-one is perfect.

  4. July 5, 2013 at 8:54 am

    It is a nonsense to keep repeating the excuse? that girls and women strive to be ‘perfect’. They have every assistance to gain without the effort that a man has to put in and still manage to balls it up. Parachuted into ‘office’ or ‘rank’ with little or no hard yards behind them or dues paid they just about manage to do the half-arsed job that most men do. Even the best men are rarely if ever ‘perfect.

    Some jobs demand near perfection. Fighter pilot: surgeon; even an electrician. Jobs which women avoid like the plague because they know full well that they will not make it even to half-arsed. Not that they avoid only those. Any role which requires a tolerance of such danger that failure causes death and you see barely a pair of frilly knickers within a mile.

    I suppose working through the night in a gale on a trawler being so far from perfect is the reason you won’t find women there.

    Take a ‘game’ for example. Tennis. Show me the ‘perfect’ female tennis player with her prize money (that is the same as a man’s, (‘cuz ‘eeek-wallet-eee dictates) and I will show you a woman who played 3 sets to his 5. She can actually win in 2 so long as she has another ‘perfectionist’ opponent who is ratshit.

    Every excuse under the sun is dragged out to excuse girls and women failing. And so they rarely learn the lessons failure teaches, about persistence, one’s own effort, self-analysis, competition, even appreciation of getting ‘almost there’ but beaten by the very slightly even better man. Instead ‘extra’ resources are poured on in a cost inefficient manner that simply makes matters worse.

    And still the excuses and victim mentality is brought to them in an articulated lorry.

  5. Furor Teutonicus
    July 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Had one teacher, ex CPO/R.N.

    One was terrified he would fail his CSE exams (Remember them??).

    Teachers answer; “Don’t worry laddie! The world NEEDS street sweepers, and bin men, you will ba a working class hero one day!”

    Which I thought was rather good.

    We NEED such teachers!

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