Back In 19th Century Russia, They Went About Their Pogroms Rather Differently…

…here, it’s all very…English:

While the council insisted residents could choose to stay, a report drafted ahead of Monday’s cabinet meeting shows it expects all elderly tenants to have left by 2016.

The projection is partly based on the assumption current tenants will opt to leave once families move in.

Once they see the sort of families the council has in mind, I expect they will.

Paul Phillips, secretary of Gillett, Garnett and Laxton Court Residents’ Association, said: “They are claiming that if elderly residents want to move, the council will meet their expenses.

“But the point is, when you’re elderly, you don’t want to move to another part of the borough because you can’t start a new life so easily.’

Why should the council worry about that? They have exciting vibrant new residents, that will tick boxes, require all sorts of council intervention, and won’t be so inclined to organise and vote. They are changing the populace, and getting a new, more dependant populace. It’s win-win for them.

“Even if they moved to the same area, people are settled in their flats. This disruption has been forced on them.”

And thus a harsh lesson on the so-called ‘contract’ between a council and it’s residents is learned.

He suggested council consultation of residents – all but one of whom opposed the changes – had been “a charade”.

Aren’t they always?