State tentacles continue …

An article [linked below] was sent to me, I seem to recall, by haiku who said he thought at first it was a spoof, an Onion type parody but then realized halfway down that it wasn’t – in fact it was deadly serious.

I’d been Skyping with a Russian friend of mine and of course, they find it hard to believe that anyone in their right minds would want to “go back to” Soviet times in the sense of the draconian surveillance society, determining what to say or do [PCism] and that they’d actually drag people away to incarcerate them.

At least over there, the “wrong-thinker” would be put in a room and re-indoctrinated first.

Here, as we well know, the indoctrination process is done through schools, the media and all organs of the State and what follows is immediate prosecution with far more draconian penalties than, say, a genuine crim receives, especially female. Hate speech is big business over here, as is litigation.

What amazes him are the examples I’ve provided that the same Soviet process is well underway here, albeit with small differences.

He pointed out – in Soviet days, there is one thing which existed which you in Britain do not have – you don’t have the denouncing of your neighbour to the authorities for doing something wrong. Over here [USSR], there was a special building in each region you went to to fill in the forms denouncing your neighbour or else it was a phoned anonymous tip-off to the authorities.

Yes, over here, we call it the police or council offices. I then told him of the guy without a valid road tax disc who’d run out of money and had parked the car at the end of a cul de sac near his home. Someone denounced him. This turning-in of the neighbours is alive and well and encouraged by the authorities. Taxpayer’s money is wasted by sending people around to see that wheelie bins are not half a metre out of place. Prosecution follows.

I sent him the article:

After reading it, he replied in print:

…. Orwell in action… Can not imagine, people DO go these “training courses” and participate in such “see smth, say smth” actions. Don’t you guys have enough enforcement agencies? Why plant these poisonous seeds in the heads of normal people, rather than qualified professionals whose job IS to be suspicious ?

Totally absurd.. Soviet Union of the late 30s.

The good thing, if it can be called that, he reminded me, is that at least we know the next stages of it. There were re-education camps in Soviet Russia.

I interrupted – yes we call it sending people on “courses” here, run by a government outfit called Common Purpose, which parliament contributes our money to. There are masses of wasted paper, with say, a man and a woman and you’re meant to make lines from the primary school drawing and value judgments about same. They use a thing called NLP. If we get it wrong, they give you another with the rejoinder: “Do it again.” In the documentation for the course, you have to say if you’re straight or gay and which ethnicity you are.


“Oh yes, no BS – I can send you one of the course forms. It asks quite specifically what I’d describe my ethnicity as.”

“That’s racism.”

“Of course it is – you know that, I know that but the racists don’t know that – they call it “tackling racism in society”.

“Are they mental?”

“Jury’s out on that one.”

“Bet you don’t yet have the “chorni vorons” [the black ravens, the midnight black moriahs].”

“True – they don’t bash down the door at midnight yet and take someone from the family but there was a film about it, called Brazil, in which that happened to a Mr. Buttle.”

“Tuttle?” He’d seen his Python films in the new Russia.

“Whatever. Though they don’t do that, many fear their letterbox because either some error has been made, wildly overcharging a utility bill or some other incompetent inanity is in the mail. When you have a complaint over here, you phone. “If you want this, press two, if you want that -“”

“We have that.”

“When you finally get through – and remember, this is an angry Englishman speaking, often in a brogue and using colloquialisms – it’s an Indian call-centre at the other end and the poor guy or girl hardly speaks English.”

He chuckled. “I’d read about that.”

There was a long pause.

“Why do you guys want to do that to yourselves?”

“Good question. “We” don’t do it to ourselves – the government does it and we can’t stop them.”

“But if enough people – you guys have a proud tradition of free speech, we looked at Britain as the free west -”

“Yes but half the population – they call them the Left – actually support all this and governments which do it. There’s huge support for Labour and the useless LibDems who are actually in govt, by the way, plus the leftist Tory leadership thought they’d join them in it.

You saw the recent bludgeoning through of the gay “marriage” bill, without consultation and against the wishes of a sizable portion of the population.”

“As in France with a socialist government.”

“As you say. Half the population support whatever inane policy the govt brings in, on the grounds that they, the dogooders, wanted this or that banned, this or that done to people who exercise their right to free speech. Or else they think it’s all lovely and happy and we’re heading for a utopia. The govt says: “We’re here to help you.”

“Oh goody,” say the Left.

Democracy as such is dead here.”

“In Britain?”

“Evidence is before your eyes.”

“But these people don’t come out and actually say they want their rights trampled on.”

“Of course they don’t. They say the opposite – that’s the illogic of it. They focus only on the end result – the trampling of rights and the massive, surreptitious power-taking by the bloated government and bureaucracy, plus the fat cats ripping off the system and they ignore the factors leading to much of it – that is, political correctness, which “necessitated” all these government bodies and NGOs doing this in the first place. Both sides are guilty of selling out the people but it was between 1997 and 2010 that it rapidly accelerated down PC lines.

Sure, the Left joins the normal people who are still not poisoned by the Narrative in being against the creeping of the State but at the same time, they de facto also supported the State creeping into areas they approved of, convinced that the State would stop there. We have a historical precedent for it here, called Vortigern. We can discuss it sometime. There was also a guy called Niemoeller.”


“Well, for example, there’s a smoking ban over here. Whom do you think that will impact most?”

“Social gatherings.”

“Such as pubs. Potentially kills them off. One group of people, the smokers, became pariahs. The others supported the oppression of smokers, all in the name of health and really good things, of course. One thing the Left always does is occupy the side of The Good. All the oppression is done in the name of The Good. They are The Good People, trying to set us straight in our wayward lives, as Nanny would be wont to do with her charges.”

“Yeah, I know of the Nanny State. We had one.”

“But it became far worse, did it not and the useful fools blamed everything and everyone but themselves for helping it along. Over here, we have names for these people – some call them bloody do-gooders, some call them bansturbators, some call them the neo-puritans, your Yuri Bezmenov called them useful fools.”

“It’s a nightmare.”

“It’s the way States have always done it – playing on the natural goodwill of people and twisting it around into a Narrative. Creating a crisis – hotly denied by half the population who say the government would never do that – see 911 and 7/7 – people react, govt has the immediate “solution”.

The sickening part is that, having done it, the leaders then sit back and congratulate themselves for being so “Christian”, as Cameron’s just done. The war criminal Blair pretends he’s a Christian.”

“What do the Left think of Tony Blair – he was Labour, wasn’t he?”

“Oh that’s easy – they see it’s all gone pear-shaped, shun him and label him a “rightwinger” who hijacked the “true” Labour Party, or else they try a different one – they say they’re not Labour at all. This means they’re LibDem which is just as bad. Worse in fact because it contains so many of these dogooders.

The Left are never wrong – that’s a basic Leftist principle you have to learn over here. When it goes pearshaped from their policies, they shun the person who did it – he was never one of us.”

“How do you deal with such people?”

“You can’t. They’re not on the same planet.”

“You said the Tories were as bad.”

“The leadership is, yes. They’re no different to the others. Like in America. We’re behind you in this – we’ve only just moved into the Samizdat, where we clandestinely listen to things and pass them on. There’s a lot of politically incorrect humour does the rounds of the web – it would never survive if I posted it – I’d have the Thought Police down on me like a shot. So we’re only just getting into this – it’s still in the “imposition” phase.”

Long pause. I ended:

“Many of the ordinary people are complicit, just as they were in Hitler’s Germany – they’ve bought the Narrative and will happily oppress others for the glorious Big Society.”

“Big Society?”

“Cameron’s name for Communitarianism, endorsed by the other parties.”

He chuckled at that, he’d heard of this communism by another name. “Does no one wake up?”

“Rarely – there’s this strange amalgam of those who were Left and those who were Right and they’re in this middle ground now called Libertarian. So the former Left still resent the former Right taking shots but the bottom line is that all see the encroachment of the State now and how the State has gone about it, to whom the State is in thrall, whom it uses as its stooges and whom it regards as its enemies.

To keep the former Left onside, you have to now call it Statism. And it’s true that the State, whatever the party, do the same things. Difference is the PCism is the oil, the lubricant, which helps it along in a way that people with normal values would never countenance.”

Long pause.

We move onto another topic.

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