Professionals v amateurs

Reading the comments at the Telegraph, Warner is indeed faux-right, doing precisely what the Democrats are trying to get people to do – give it up as too complicated, whilst at the same time, blaming “the right”.

If there was ever a debate to get people scurrying to their entrenched positions and their real selves to come out, this is it. The vilified Tea Party and UKIP, whilst most ragged around the edges, still support the types of things which were once middle-America and middle-Britain:

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz etc are Reagan Republicans. Most of the rest of the party are fakeo conservatives just like Jeremy. Tea Party Republicans are the only sane politicians over there. Obama is a Marxist nutcase and the Democrats are intellectually stupid.

Another hit the nail on the head too:

There are two factors that you’re missing. The first is the extent of the sheer dogmatism and partisanship of Obama and his administration … The second is the polarised nature of Congress. There are very few marginal House or Senate seats: almost all are safe ones, with big majorities guaranteed for one side or the other.

And another:

It’s also astonishing that you, as economic correspondent, do not mention that it is and has been the Senate, with a Democrat (that’s left) majority, has refused to pass a budget for now five years.

I do not understand how you can blame “The Right”, i.e. the Republicans, for the state of the US economy when you say this is necessary: “Rather, it is to advocate aggressive promotion by government of self-reliance, competition, investment, enterprise and training.” when this is what “The Right”, the Republicans are trying to do, against what you rightly call the bankrupt solutions of the Left.

The commenters above are failing to take into account that it is not reason running these things but agenda, the big game. Those of the centre-right, by definition, being more concerned with making a living and keeping govt out of our lives, are not in the same league as the Demoses and Julia Middleton Common Purpose etc., the UN attached NGOs and the UN organizations themselves.

All these pump out the agenda. You only need read three men – Carol Quigley, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski and Maurice Strong to know what is going down and why. How many quotes does it take?

Here’s one which, far from being a relic of post-war hysteria, has been shown to be every bit as prophetic as any major prophet:

Feb. 23, 1954 – Senator William Jenner of Indiana says before the U.S. Senate: “Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people.

We have a well-organized political action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state. It has a foothold within our Government, and its own propaganda apparatus. One may call this group by many names. Some people call it socialism, some collectivism. I prefer to call it ‘democratic centralism.’

The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization. It is a dynamic, aggressive, elite corps, forcing its way through every opening, to make a breach for a collectivist one-party state. It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government without our suspecting the change is underway.

This secret revolutionary corps understands well the power to influence the people by an elegant form of brainwashing. We see this, for example, in the innocent use of words like ‘democracy’ in place of ‘representative government.’ ”

It’s not even prophecy – it’s just reading the situation and it’s not as if any of this were new:

Feb. 7, 1950 – International financier and CFR member James Warburg tells a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee: “We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

Feb. 9, 1950 – The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee introduces Senate Concurrent Resolution #66 which begins: “Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution.” The resolution is introduced by Senator Glen Taylor (D-Idaho), who later states: “We would have to sacrifice considerable sovereignty to the world organization to enable them to levy taxes in their own right to support themselves.”

April 12, 1952 – CFR member John Foster Dulles [who later became Secretary of State, in speaking before the American Bar Association in Louisville, Kentucky, says: “Treaty law can override the Constitution. Treaties can take powers away from Congress and give them to the President. They can take powers from the States and give them to the Federal Government or to some international body, and they can cut across the rights given to the people by their constitutional Bill of Rights.”

And Red Ed actually comes out and says it and because real conservatives have left the Tories in droves, which will cause Cameron to lose to Millipede, UKIP will get the blame from everyone. The amateurs are no match for the slick professionals – they with the corrupt hearts and ulterior motives.

It’s like any major crims in a hit – Die Hards 1, 2 & 3 – the advantage is with the organized. The response is scrambled, all over the place, doesn’t understand the true nature of the enemy. It gradually gets its act together and eventually, the perps might get theirs but not in this case.

In this case, they simply reform, rename themselves, reinvent what they have. We saw it in the renaming of Agenda 21 once it had become toxic as a name. did the plan alter? Of course not – the agenda is always the same – a federal model based on blocs, a top down directed organization of the globe, with no dissent allowed.

So yes, the Tea Party and UKIP get it wrong, as they’re ordinary people making ordinary mistakes but at least they’re genuine and not disingenuous as an item of procedure. They’re not slickly organized, they’re amateurish. They don’t have all the answers in dismissive buzzwords that trip off the tongue. They don’t have the MSM in deepcaptcha.

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  1. john in cheshire
    October 4, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Well observed posting, James. I believe good always triumphs over evil, it’s just that it will probably take centuries before it is achieved.

    • Errol
      October 5, 2013 at 2:03 pm

      Without meaning to sound unpleasant, it doesn’t. If it did, society would be very different. Scum always win because other scum make sure they do – through law, government or petty crime. At every level bastards win.

  2. Voice of Reason
    October 4, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Rand Paul and Ted Cruz want power, nothing else.

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