EDL – it always happens

Ian Hills has written on the resignations of Tommy Smith and Kevin Carroll, with links to various articles and a comment which was interesting.

It always seemed wrong the way they were portrayed and that vid where the police stopped them marching for a non-EDL cause, whether or not you buy the cause on that day and whether they were marching for it – was a comment on justice in the UK today.

The way the organization which actually is fascist [UAF}, being the boot boys for the govt, was allowed to stand behind the police, taunt and even attack I thought stank to high heaven.

All good organizations are infiltrated and the press mobilized to present only the slant – we know that, we’ve seen it. Working class groups therefore have to be fascist in people’s eyes. There can’t be a working class organization which is dedicated to preserving a society for its natives without someone calling that fascist.

And of course, the Nazi lovers will always get in. And being proactive and loud, they start to occupy places and turn the organization nasty. The things Quiet Man, Ian and many others have been saying – the EDL is not this, not that – is true for them and for so many. But “elements” do get in and that’s what the MSM and pollies have been waiting for.

One whiff of anything and “vicious mobs attacked innocent UAF fascists”.

In America, they went the tea-party route, more genteel but a bit kooky – Palin, Bachmann etc. Amateurs up against a Machine. I know where my sympathies are, even if I’d not be accepted by the members as one of them – there’s an honesty to the Tea-Party, EDL etc. but then the name becomes tarnished by “elements”.

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  1. October 10, 2013 at 9:16 am

    All such organisations are infiltrated by the security state, and if the stories about environmental groups are anything to go by, then the infiltrators play the part of agents provocateurs, rather than intelligence-gatherers. They are also a magnet for hardcore nazi-types as well, and UAF people.

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