A new climate model

As the IPCC still seems determined to turn science into political fiction, it’s about time we had a climate model which is less likely to contribute to the UK winter death toll via sociopath energy policies. Let’s design a Settled Science Model (SSM) based entirely on data in the public domain.

p = prediction.

Mainstream climate scientists failed to predict the current global temperature hiatus after insisting for years that the global temperature would rise in tandem with a continued rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration.

r = remedial action.

Mainstream climate scientists have also been instrumental in persuading governments around the world to take exceedingly expensive remedial action that could never work.

d = dishonesty.

Mainstream climate scientists have yet to admit publicly that we may as well stop all the remedial action because the globe isn’t warming as they so confidently predicted.

So for our Settled Science Model we have   p + r + d = bs

Where bs = bent science

This isn’t a matter of opinion, but the output of an unprecedentedly empirical model based purely on data in the public domain. Global warming ceased about fifteen years ago, CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is still rising so further remedial action is pointless.

So as the SSM appears to be consistent with the current situation and much less lethal if translated into sane energy policies, let’s use it to make predictions of future scenarios. We’ll begin with the next few years because the SSM isn’t quite tuned yet.

nw = a new warming trend.

If a new warming trend begins, warming nutters will falsely claim to have known all along that warming was in the climate pipeline.

nn = no warming trend.

If no new global temperature trend begins, warming nutters will falsely claim that no warming is the same as warming.

nc = a cooling trend.

If a new cooling trend begins, warming nutters will falsely claim to have known all along that cooling was coming before more warming.

So for climate scenario projections based on the new Settled Science Model,

nw, nn and nc all imply bs where bs = bent science

Crikey – it’s the same result!!

Maybe some climate models don’t lie.