The New Cult of Marion Anne Perrine


Something worrying here, something personality cult about it, not unlike our Nige. Arms outstretched in a cross, her name emblazoned behind, rather than that of the party.

Some of her policies are ours but some, like forced nationalization of some industries are not. Definitely designed to capture the whole range of the disgruntled indigenous working and lower middle-class.

And the more Hollande and Sarkozy/Fillon disappoint, tired relics of an old system, the Weimar Republic of France so to speak, this Narrative-acceptable leader, i.e. an intelligent woman, appears far more attractive to a broader range of people.

Pourquoi pas is the new thought in the cafes.

The dismantling of the current order and the bringing in of a new financial paradigm is interesting because on the surface, it clashes with Them’s own agenda for a new paradigm once the crash comes. Gordo got a bit ahead of himself and enthused, thought he was the introducer of it and the saviour of the world.


Look at Le Pen’s body language and that sign behind her again.
Biblical references to false prophets in the end times such that even the “very elect” would be fooled.

INF3-304_Unity_of_Strength_La_liberté_pour_la_France,_les_libertés_pour_les_FrançaisPersonality cult – watch it with extreme caution.

And what is France’s spiritual embodiment? What is the name of that woman who represents the soul of France?

Who threatened to lead France from its morass on 29 April 1429?


Frankly, I like Marine, as I did Tsipi Livni. The idea of her leading a sensible Europe where other Marines come on board is nice.

I just don’t trust the vision though. It’s too dovetailed to a Themist vision of how Europe should be as the vanguard of the new order. The real vision, not the Narrative put about for so long now.