‘Worst government ever’ — Labour 1997-2010

Sean Thomas’s October 9 blog post for the Telegraph has been making the rounds in cyberspace.

If you haven’t yet seen ‘Exclusive: Labour, 1997-2010, was The Worst Government Ever. And this is why …’ it’s worth reading in full.

Excerpts follow:

Just look at the evidence. Then cry for your beloved country.

Let’s start with the small stuff. Immigration. I know very few people care about this, but Labour – without warning, without consulting, without even asking our permission – allowed the biggest mass immigration into the United Kingdom in our nation’s history: three million people, possibly more than entered these island in the preceding 1,000 years combined. And why did they do this? To drive down low-skilled wages, and to rub the noses of the Right in diversity. Gosh, thanks guys.

What else? Health. 1,200 died in Mid-Staffordshire Hospital alone, that’s more than died in Mid-Staffordshire during the Black Death. What about Europe? Labour’s biggest achievement in Europe was to give away half our precious rebate, won by Thatcher, at a cost to you and me of £9 billion so far – and in return they got precisely nothing, unless you count a chortling, after-dinner promise from Jacques Chirac, that he’d make Tony Blair President of the EU, which he didn’t. A small mercy …

But how about the big stuff? Like the economy? How did Labour do there? Sit down with a bottle of scotch before I tell you. Labour presided over the slowest growth in 50 years, they produced the fastest decline in British manufacturing since manufacturing began, they left us mired in the longest recession since the war, they bequeathed maybe the largest deficit in peacetime history, and they handed over a debt so huge we will still be repaying it when the earth is swallowed by an expanding sun, a cosmological termination which might therefore come as some relief.

On to foreign policy. One word. Iraq. Two words. Iraq, Afghanistan. Lots of words: 100,000-300,000 killed, 2 million refugees, the humiliation of the British army, the grotesqueness that was Alastair Campbell, and the complete destruction of any trust in what any government will ever say about going to war in the future …

… That’s the Labour record. And I challenge anyone to find a British government – or an English king – that did worse. Neville Chamberlain might have appeased Hitler, King George III lost the American colonies and went mad, William the Conqueror turned half the nation into a desolate wasteland for centuries – perhaps he inspired Gordon Brown – but none of them equal New Labour’s magnificent record, right across the board, for wretched, lying, blundering, poisonous, catastrophic ineptitude.

And you know what’s so depressing? This so-called “party”, this cancer called “Labour”, this affliction which keeps returning to the UK like a kind of sociopolitical syphilis, could be in power, once more, in about 18 months’ time. Now drink that whisky.

Thomas is also a reader of and commenter (SeanT) at PoliticalBetting.com, which is how I found his essay. His fellow PBers told him that it was being sent all over Britain at the weekend. Let’s hope people remember it in 2014 and, more importantly, 2015.

Incidentally, Thomas also writes as Tom Knox and, under both names, has written several books, one of which grew from a freelance assignment for a lads’ mag. Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love and Internet Dating (2006), said to be by those who bought it to be a funny, frank yet serious account of thirty-something sex and the search for a partner.

4 comments for “‘Worst government ever’ — Labour 1997-2010

  1. Errol
    October 15, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Precisely why there must be a movement toward only allowing citizens to vote. Voting should be a duty that proves your understanding of, and active participation in the government of the day. If you cannot understand how government is funded, do not realise the damage taxation and spending does, and refuse to acknowledge the hideous oppression and waste perpetuated by the state then you cannot be allowed to vote.

    That should wipe out Labour and many Conservatives while the Lib Dems disappear into oblivion. The rest of us can then get on with controlling the remainder into a government controlled by the people, for the people.

  2. October 16, 2013 at 12:43 am

    If a defining characteristic of a British government is that it is elected, the Labour gov’t may only have ran from 1997-2005; Tony Blair has questions to answer about the electoral legitimacy of his 2005 victory.


  3. October 16, 2013 at 3:13 am

    “”…this cancer called “Labour”, this affliction which keeps returning to the UK like a kind of sociopolitical syphilis…..””

    Cultural Marxism, a Politically Transmitted Disease. It has infected all Anglophile countries and all with whom they consort.

  4. Viscount Rectum
    October 16, 2013 at 11:40 am

    Cultural Marxists absolutely worship money,they can also be described as Corporate Marxists this disease originated in Frankfurt 1763 and another strain in Baravia on May 1-1776 this has led to decades of mental and physical poisoning where the structure of every citizen has been weakened to a point of lowest resistance, dissolution of national sovereignty and identity by the EU,(NWO) mass immigration is a major symptom of this ongoing poisoning.

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