Beware those bearing gifts of referenda and constitutions

This from IPJ is a bit of a worry:

Engsoc will eventually become reality … democratic, my eye!

The LSE and friends to write a new constitution in a Fabian common purpose?

Historically, sovereignty lay with the Crown. That was based, not on consent but rather on brute force. When, in turn, the barons wrested power from the Crown (a process that started in the thirteenth century but went on until our glorious revolution in 1688 and the Bill of Rights enacted the following year) that was also based on force, albeit force masquerading as constitutional progress.

(Algorithms again) Constitution UK is a trailblazing project that invites members of the public (which ones?) to participate in, offer advice on and eventually to draft a new UK constitution through crowdsourcing. Find out more here. wp-content/ uploads/ 2011/ 04/ A-WRITTEN-CONSTITUTION-FOR-THE-UNITED-KINGDOM.pdf

The question comes down to if we can continue to rely on the rationality of the public as protection, or if the situation merits what could be a significant logistical challenge to lay out concrete rights and checks.

The hidden hand which was behind things as diverse as Leveson and Citizens’ Committees or Tribunals is at work here. The people who will write this “constitution” are not you and I – we don’t get a look-in. It’s all signed, sealed and will go through the sham of a writing process before it’s delivered.

This is Euston Manifesto all over again. It’s not that we shouldn’t have these things, it’s just that they are in deep captcha.

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  1. October 25, 2013 at 6:18 am

    I blame the Cognoscenti, with their dead horses’ heads in the bed and all.

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