Cultural reaffirmation or cultural suicide?

apoppyistorememberIt’s the first year I recall where anyone made a fuss over the poppy or a vicar said we shouldn’t love our country. There’ve been many things which have occurred this year that way.

Bezmenov addressed precisely this about the faux peace movement in the 60s, in which the KGB were very active and were using the “useful fools” such as Chappaquiddick Ted and Hanoi Jane to spread the message, even misquoting the bible – turn the other cheek – in the same way Barosso misquoted and twisted Churchill to tell us how wonderful the EU was and it was our duty to support it.

We are Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern ireland – all of it. Out of the blood, sweat and tears, the inhumanity, the vast stretch of history – out of all of that was forged the very freedom and tolerance which allows so many today to forget, dismiss, turn their back on their cultural makeup and concentrate solely on the abuses, how the PTB cynically manipulate nationalism to find more cannon fodder for their schemes.

All that’s true but it doesn’t mean we should be any less proud of who we are. My friend can show me around his country and I can praise it but that doesn’t mean I have to deny my own.

And when we go the Chappaquiddick Ted and Hanoi Jane route, urging people to ditch and spit on who they are by substituting this vague, mud pie world citizenship, it is twisting the whole idea of tolerance and respect.

And it always descends to corruption and abuse, it never goes the other way towards nobility and virtue. None of those structures have ever achieved that fifth state beyond the bloody fourth state of turmoil – there IS NO brand new tomorrow of any value, only of increased grip by the politburo, which in turn, as every Christian knows, is ultimately beholden to a different master.

It is predicated on money and he who holds the pursestrings through crippling taxation – 90% in the USSR – in order to provide for people’s needs or in other words, to keep the sheeple alive for later use [Time Machine, Eloi] – he is in control of those people’s lives. And over generations, children are born into that and those who know the old have died away. History now says that everything in those days was bad and certainly there was abuse but there is also smothering abuse in this new system – out of the frying pan …

Culture is our common language, literature, song, art, systems born of our history, e.g. 1215, 1689 which really matter and to dismiss Shakespeare’s non-PC way in his literature at that time in the nation’s history is to dismiss a Stradivarius violin as catgut and wood producing a whining, nasally sound.

It’s a faux argument. It’s the argument of someone who may well be campaigning for:

1) Abolition of all ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property
3) Abolition of inheritance
4) Abolition of patriotism
5) Abolition of the family
6) Abolition of religion
7) Creation of a world government

Above all, it is the respect for our forebears and what they tried to do, what they achieved, what they did not that we need to keep front and square in our minds. If you tell me that Armistice Day is only about young men’s bodies in mud without according those young men the respect of having had opinions and reasons for doing as they did, then that is dehumanizing the fallen.

They were sentient people, they were us, they might well be us in a short time from now.

It’s simply unacceptable for a nation not to respect this. In fact, it’s cultural suicide and paves the way for takeover.

And what will come, as our forebears knew, is vastly worse than anything which has been, unless we can hold on to whom we are and never let it slip.

11th of the 11th, at 11 a.m. – a short space of time to down tools and remember, as well as quietly determining to oppose this cultural suicide gripping the nation at this time.

7 comments for “Cultural reaffirmation or cultural suicide?

  1. Hereward unbowed.
    November 11, 2013 at 9:07 am

    If we do not remember, if we shun our collective memory, culture and Christian tradition: we have ceased to exist as a nation.

    Looking at the kids, the blank uncaring, unfeeling, helpless stares.

    It is gone.

  2. mikebravo
    November 11, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    When I was young I was told about the 11th of the 11th by my grandparents. One grandfather fought in the 1st and one in the 2nd. I could see in my grandparents eyes what it meant. It was personal to them and me.
    It is no longer personal to the average person under 30 or so. It means nothing to the iphone, want it now, blank generation.
    Our once great country is to be subsumed into the project and glorifying war will be prohibited.

  3. November 11, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    For me the worst thing is the abolition of free speech. It reminds me of Hans and Sophie Scholl, although I hope we won’t be murdered like they were.

  4. admin
    November 11, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Sad but true, gentlemen.

  5. Uncle Gus
    November 15, 2013 at 1:23 am

    When you go on about C. Ted and H. Jane like that, it reminds me why I don’t (entirely) endorse your point of view. Yes, they were useful idiots just looking to be used by something evil, but the peace movement was a real grass-roots phenomenon. Mainly because of millions of American lads unwilling to die in a war that nobody had bothered to explain or to sell to them. Being anti-government is as American as apple pie with cheese, so by their own lights they were about as patriotic as you can get.
    Given all that, what was the KGB to do, sit on its hands? Same with the CND. Just because they funded it, doesn’t mean that they invented it.
    The trouble with you and your ilk is you don’t credit anyone with a brain or free will of their own unless they are overtly right-wing. It seems everyone is a dupe but you.

  6. November 16, 2013 at 6:05 am

    This requires a post, not a comment.

  7. Harry
    November 17, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Gus, from my perspective both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ are manipulated etc by Them to further Their agenda. The first thing to realise is that we are all being duped in different ways. Some have woken up to the fact whilst others haven’t, that’s all.

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