Adam Afriyie’s amendment scheduled again for November 22

Friday, November 8, produced a mixed bag for Adam Afriyie’s call for a 2014 EU referendum. That day produced little of import, although the MP for Windsor did receive a future window of opportunity.

There has been an omerta, it would seem, on Afriyie’s amendment in much of the media.

That said, The Guardian reported on November 8 (emphases in the original):

Labour MPs have succeeded in slowing down the progress of the EU referendum bill through parliament. MPs need to get through four groups of amendments at the bill’s report stage and, after five hours of debate, the Commons had only voted on one set of amendments (although they were well into the debate on the second set). Delaying tactics included: lengthy speeches, numerous interventions, questionable points of order, insisting on a division yet not actually voting against the measure (a division takes 15 minutes, whereas if the House votes by acclamation, it is over within seconds) and staging delays in the lobby.

Conservative MPs have criticised Labour for time-wasting and accused the party of wanting to deny the British public a vote on the EU …

Adam Afriyie, the Conservative MP, has resisted an appeal from colleagues to drop his call for a vote on holding the referendum next year, instead of after the 2015 election as James Wharton proposes …

Friday 22 November has been set aside as the next day for the bill’s debate. The debate will pick up where it left off, and Afriyie’s amendment may well then be put to a vote. There are five more Fridays set aside for private members’ business: 22 and 29 November, 17 and 24 January, and 28 February. As long as James Wharton can get the bill through its report stage and third reading by then, it will go to the Lords.

And that is where a call for an early referendum stands thus far.

I wish Afriyie all the best.

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