spin the sheeple anything

This has been expanded in the light of yesterday’s Autumn Statement.

The problem is that people are going to believe all this and to be honest, Osborne has blindsided a lot of us who have been speaking and writing of a looming crash. This included major economic pundits who looked at the figures and concluded on the basis of what was going on, the lawlessness of it, the lawlessness of the banks, that this was a house of cards.

It’s actually worse – it’s pure theatre, it’s the Matrix. In January last year, five US banks crashed, by all regulatory indicators and what happened? It never happened. The bought regulators simply said there was no default, no crash. The enslaved media did not report on any default, unlike places such as Kingsworld and Jesse.

In short, they blindsided the realistic pundits who made the error of thinking in terms of the way the blurb says the economy works, the way it’s always worked. If there are no reserves, you fold. Not today – you only fold when the PTB decide you’ve folded. Until then, you’re bailed out and propped up, allowed to trade on like a Russian business which pretends it never happened.

For pundits, it underlines the hopelessness of opposing the Matrix. Millions of people are going to look at the loony red-faced puppet’s implosion yesterday and just as in Witness for the Prosecution, the sheer weight of the invective and the doom and gloom message need only be laughed at by the comedians in the pic above and the public, utterly weary of the faux austerity measures, forget all about the decimation of the armed forces, the surveillance society gone mad and focus only on concessions such as the freeze on fuel duty and removal of levies.

Commenter James Wilson wrote:

What has truly changed, and not for the better, is that money is no longer anything but what government says it is. Mortages 3%, savers less than 1%? Property in the tank. Where are you going to put your money? Well, the government is putting your money into government. It is called financial repression.

Savers and old folks have had their interest stolen to continue government while everything that is real craters. A 36,000 Dow may be a catastrophic event, or perhaps a 1.600 Dow will be. Who knows? Money and markets are extraordinarily contrived now.

Inflation and deflation are in significant ways the same thing, but only government could have produced the miracle of having both at the same time.

There is so much to be said about this whole theatre of the compassionate Osborne and Cameron – why now, why not earlier if it were possible at all? Why decry energy companies hiking up prices instead of legislating them frozen? If they can legislate on other things, they can legislate on that. If they’d wanted. It’s all theatre. They could have held a referendum, they could have done many things but didn’t do them. Until now.

And the pub philosophers, standing outside the pub, smoking, will nod sagely and say to each other, on the strength of promised concessions – perhaps this guy Osborne is right, perhaps his policy, though tough, is the right one. Battle of Britain and all that, the stiff upper lip of the British under duress and privation – go on, George, do your worst, we know you have our best interests at heart.

And so, way too late, moves are made on European immigration – why now? Moves are made on benefits – why now? Pure theatre.

On the strength of one day’s statement, suddenly the political realities are over and doomsayers like us are persona non grata – we had it all wrong, we’re recovering a treat and all is going to be well. UKIP will lose support back to the Tories and in a series of further concessions up to the GE of 2015, the common people will begrudgingly say w-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l, I don’t much like the toffs but they do know how to run the economy.

Ignoring the fact that Westminster lacks all sorts of powers which now reside in Brussels. And shivering in their heatless homes, Brits will take heart that we’re “on the right track”. These bastards could easily have acted on this last winter or through the year, people will go deep into debt for ignoring the need to use energy sparingly this winter – it will be too bloody cold not to have heating on. But because Osborne expresses “understanding” of the plight he and Cameron have plunged Britain into, that’s all OK because George delivered a fine speech yesterday.

But the coup de grace is that the “wise” pundits will write about us soothsayers – where are their predictions of doom now then, eh?

It illustrates one thing clearly, as said over and over – there is no reality, only perception, stage-managed by the PTB … and people with their short memories fall in line … the pic at the top of this page says it all.