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Wiggia’s post is being run within this post as I wish to take responsibility for the comments made.

You’re living in an English cul-de-sac pre-70s…your neighbours comprise seven local families and one which is second generation Indian – there are three children.

Any issue?

Over a decade, one family of Germans come in, then another, buying properties as they’re vacated. Sometime into the next decade, another family of Germans arrive. They buy the corner store, formerly known as Arkwright’s, and convert it into a smallgoods shop for German tastes – lots of sausage, breads, produce from Hannover. Beside them is a fish shop, run by a Turkish family who moved in upstairs.

Any issue yet?

The old Methodist church lies in disrepair and is taken over by the Lutheran church. Neighbouring streets have seen the same thing happening. Germans now outnumber Brits and by the end of the second decade, three Brit families are left on the original street. It’s called Little Germany now.

Any issue yet? Substitute the word Nigerian and Jamaican for German. Any issue? Sly and the Family Stone would say there was no problem at all:

The area’s never been known as genteel – one house are drug dealers, three large families are on perma-welfare, two single mothers occupy other houses in the street. Now though there are streetfights along racial lines, with Brits bringing in toughs from outside the area to boost the numbers. The Nigerians and yardies bring in heavy manpower from other cities.

Any issue yet? If there is, at what point did it go from a raised eyebrow to murmurings to concern to hostility?

Here is Wiggia’s tale:

I have had to make two journeys down to London in the last week, to see my mother who is ill in St Marys Hospital Paddington, her condition is stable but she has used up her nine lives and as my sister said when we met “she is on her second cat”.

Having parked the other side of the Regents Canal, I crossed the bridge and made my way in through the A&E dept, it was no surprise that as on previous visits to this hospital, there was not a single white face amongst those waiting to be seen, in fact walking through the hospital and up the two floors to the ward my mother is in, the only white faces were some staff members.

The contrast when entering the ward could not have been more stark – every one of the elderly patients was white, it was not difficult to conclude that the demographic change that has been encouraged in this country means when this elderly part of the population goes, there will be no white people at all in this hospital being cared for.

It was as if that fictional stairway to heaven had changed colour at the bottom and was inexorably making it way to the top and there were only a couple of steps left before the white top bit disappeared.

All that I say here is from someone who started work just of the Edgware Road and later worked in neighboring boroughs up to only five years ago; the change in the last few years is difficult to take in. No longer pockets of middle east shops and restaurants, the whole of Edgware Road from Marble Arch to a point level with the road that leads to Lords Cricket Ground, a distance of roughly a mile and a half, is full of shops and restaurants that all seem in name to end with “istan”.

baghdad 1

On the return journey to my sister’s house, we traveled from the hospital up the Harrow Road itself known as “Little Baghdad”, passed endless Islamic centres, old churches turned into Mosques, other buildings turned into Mosques, several schools that are now Islamic schools and so it went on.

When I traveled down a week ago there was an accident and big hold up on the forever being repaired M25 so I continued down the M11 and made my way through Walthamstow and entered London via Clapton where I lived as a child and teenager.

The same scene greeted me – Islamic centres and Mosques everywhere, only the island that is Stamford Hill in north London remained the same, the Jewish community have not moved out and stand firm, but after that, Finsbury Park which always had a small Turkish community has expanded into a full blown middle east enclave.

The point of all this is that in reality it is no surprise, it’s the sheer enormous scale of what has happened to London, and I haven’t even needed to mention Tower Hamlets, and still they come.

baghdad 2

Anyone who believes there is a solution to this and that a full scale ban on all inward migration will stop what is happening is quite frankly deluded, it simply is too late.

With the numbers alone that are here now, we have a defacto state within a state situation coming about within a very few years.

This is not a UK-only problem, as the police chief of Oslo recently said: “The city is lost.”

Marseille already has street ‘check points’ going into Muslim areas and the police chief there has said on record “that they do not have the firepower to go into those areas”, the filth that is seen on the streets of Marseille is now being seen on the streets of London.

Areas like Edgware and surrounding parts look like rubbish tips with mountains of seemingly permanent plastic bags piled up outside houses, everything unkempt and dirty, as it is turned by those who came here into what they left behind for a ‘better’ life.

baghdad 3

The politicians can do their three wise monkeys act, but it fools few today. Later, if they are still around, their grandstanding over the imminent or otherwise Romanian and Bulgarian influx will be seen for what it is – the damage has been done.

On a recent QT, Peter Hitchens, whatever you think of him, was asked after a debate on immigration in which he told the truth about the last Labour government’s deliberate policies, in a sneering fashion he was asked what he would do about it, he replied there was nothing he could do about it and it wasn’t his task anyway, but he said to the young of this country the best thing was to leave.

Is the issue simply one of percentages?

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  1. john in cheshire
    January 5, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    I think it will eventually boil down to how much we, the white English, value ourselves. I’m getting too old now to participate in violent confrontation; I’m not sure it I ever was brave enough, though. But, I feel that unless our children value themselves as the true owners of our country then they will relinquish their right to it and the invading hordes will have won. Maybe this is how, in the past, once flourishing civilisations are destroyed and whole peoples are obliterated. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have any power because there would be many millions who would not be seeing their next birthday.

  2. mona
    January 5, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    The English have been found to be suffering a newly diagnosed malady listed in the Journal of Moral Illnesses, Chapt I under the title “Suicidal Tolerance”. Said to be spread by the BBC, Common Purpose and Flouridated water supplies.

  3. Woodsy42
    January 5, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    My mother grew up in East London but we moved out when I was quite young. Some years ago – well over 10 years, probably nearer 20 – we had occassion to drive down with my mother to visit an old family friend around the Stratford area. My mother was in tears. She had spent the war years there, their house was bombed 3 times, friends and family had died, but what had resulted was to her unrecognisable, it wasn’t English any more.

  4. johnnyrvf
    January 5, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    In respect to France and especially Marsailles it has always had a reputation of racial tensions, unlike the U.K. the lack of integration by immigrants into French society is motivating public and ( some ) politicians alike, not against immigrants per see but against people who won’t. The Gendarmes who say they have not the fire power is bollocks, what the PTB don’t want is a civil crises but it is coming and there are plenty of French people of all ages who are up for another revolution, unlike the indigenous sheeple of the U.K. who are sleep walking into a form of 4th class social slavery.

  5. January 6, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    ..and every time anyone ever made a statement criticising the swarms; they were immediately accused of either BNP membership, or racism; which is probably why most people stopped warning about a failing situation!

    I didn’t stop, as Enoch has long been my own hero; but there again, I am but one small voice!

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