That cinnamon war

Back to this cinnamon spice thing and the EU ban:


“A grown man like me could eat like 10 ‘kanelsnegle’ every day for several years and not even get near the limit of what’s dangerous to my liver,” said Anders Grabow, a spokesman for the Danish Bakers’ Association. “I would probably get too much sugar in my body before that.”

By all that is holy, what on earth has the EU to do with telling bakers how much cinnamon they can have? Then think of the cost of even issuing that directive, cost to signed-up peoples. Multiply that by the number of areas the EU has interfered and we’re speaking of a financial drain on an organization which its greedy eyes can only pay for by getting to City money and German.

We’re going over tired old ground here but we are indeed locked in battle and the sooner we’re shut of the EU communists, an action which is the Great Mirage of our time in this country, the better.

Can’t happen though because Pink Dave and Cleggover are signed up to the package and the Great work of Ages – the enslavement of the people, must continue apace.

If people think that’s fanciful, please remember I’ve seen the result of over-regulation in Russia firsthand. It’s insanity writ large – it has t be insane that if you do something for one govt department, you are thereby committing a crime against another.

The expression “short and curlies” seems apt.

While we’re there, this from the TPA bulletin:

The £90m EU lobbying con

If you’re looking for particularly egregious examples of how British taxpayers’ money gets squandered, look no further than the EU. We uncovered how Brussels has handed £90 million to green groups which was spent lobbying the EU for expensive regulations – which, in turn, hit us again in the pockets.

Read how the Sunday Telegraph covered our findings

Friends – they’re spitting on us from on high, daring us to do anything about it:

We can’t let the people decide! Mandelson warns against the ‘LOTTERY’ of giving voters a say on leaving the European Union

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2 comments for “That cinnamon war

  1. Viscount Rectum
    January 10, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Good I hope they ban everything except bread and water, the sheeple of Britain can live on that.

  2. john in cheshire
    January 10, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Isn’t there any significant movement within other EU countries to abandon the project? Are we the only country that possesses a normal, sensible proportion of citizens who can see through the whole construct? Or are the Europeans, as usual letting us fight their battles for them?

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