A sense of superiority based upon Darwinism perhaps? I think that the pre-selection is based upon a person’s pliability rather than ability, damaged personalities and/or a penchant for sexual deviancy which can then be “the whip”

Human compromise accounts for the selection of retards. [Blogger Pete McAdam]

This started because Richard wrote that IOUs are legal instruments. Yes they are and the banks owe us what we’ve deposited but try asking for it in silver.

My point was just to repeat that we’re so far from legality in this country when it comes to various instrumentalities but with us, the letter of the law is applied rigorously.

Which then gets to the next question – just who are these people with this attitude to the people as serfs and who are perfectly happy to charge second homes to expenses and swan around like suited crooks [their masters?].

And the answer is fourfold, is it not? At EU level, at Westminster level, in local authorities … and the banksters and major corporations as one unit.

I’m interested in the process whereby people with this attitude or who are susceptible to this attitude even got there to make life a misery for us. Part of the answer is Common Purpose at every level of the machine, leading beyond authority, filled with a sense of their own position and dispensing justice here, showing mercy there.

Many examples. Valerie Rottweiler – it’s clear she can’t bear the idea of no longer being Queen of the country, hasn’t earned it except by whoring herself out but she was there and she liked the lifestyle. For a time in Russia, I was swanning down to Frankfurt for certain reasons and was put up at a hotel where many of the Germans from out of town stayed. It was an education in the lounge, all the taxis were Mercs, deference was the staff watchword.

No doubt that that lifestyle was a different world to my current one and it required a mentor higher up who saw value in you. That means you were meant to behave in certain ways because once there, you didn’t want to give that up. Some years back, 2010 to be exact, that Labour politician came out with that line about us not being entrusted with a say – it was the pollies who know what’s best for us. You’d expect it from the Tories but from Labour?

This business of being the functionary for the higher-ups because they have the power to mete out the rewards, the blackmail and the executions comes out in so many ways. There’s Davignon with his famous quote when asked why some people are invited to the Bilderberg and some not. “We’re good talent spotters,” he deigned to give the reporter.

So, let’s look at that talent – Blair, Brown, Balls, Osborne among others. Yes men, can-do men for those who do pull the strings in Europe. Hence Clegg’s being a good little European or rather EUan.

Which brings us to Westminster and the parachutee preselection system – Blair’s Babes, Cameron’s Cuties plus party men who’ve paid their dues and won’t rock the boat. Someone’s got to Carswell of late and methinks it’s more than the whip.

This preselection business runs in the Masons too. Many reports over the years of the higher levels testing out the lower and if they’re the “right sort”, they’re elevated. Hell, which business does not run that way, which politburo? So there is a culture where the ideas and integrity do not come up through the ranks – ideas are viewed with suspicion but do come in from the side at the top, e.g. Voltaire in the Revolution. People in high places go sideways to the thinktanks to justify the whole purpose of they’re being there – to be there.    Nowt to do with doing right by the People who supposedly got them there because it was only obliquely the People in a rigged electoral system.    It was the parachuting which got them there and their masters are therefore not the People at all but these elements who can dispense the sinecures.

If the French revolutionaries looked sideways to Voltaire etc., the American presidents look sideways to the CFR for thinktank ideas, the EU looks to the Frankfurt school and the BIS, the various clubs – Rome, Paris and so on. Woodrow Wilson had Colonel House, Warburg etc. They all do it.

And these thinktanks mix common sense with corruption and elitism. It’s always been the contention of my own blog that these are the people who need encircling and removing, rather than the functionaries who visibly do their will. Does anyone really think Obama dreamed all that up by himself?    And the fanciful name I gave those dispensers of sinecures was “Them”.    Couldn’t think of anything better.

Everyone wants to be someone, someone who makes a difference. Iain Dale ran a list of the 200 most influential people in Britain – that’s the sort of thing. If I’d shut up and been a good Tory, the accolades which did start around 2007-10 might have increased but I didn’t shut up about Cameron and the corruption. It’s a minor example but it still comes down to one word – patronage. And patronage requires compliance and being a good little boy, looking for brownie [or cub] points.

Perfect example of someone who could have gone far and was stymied – Enoch Powell. Wouldn’t shut up about things.   Wouldn’t play the game.    Really thought it was for the People. And pause for one moment and focus on Enoch, if you will, or on John Ward or on Ranty or Old Holborn. Every one of them, if they’ll forgive me, has a certain strangeness, an eccentricity, a certain wildness to him or her. I don’t mean people who come into parliament with idealism and are then corrupted but those who maintain it against the odds. I mean these John the Baptists, voices in the wilderness. [Richard North?]

So you have one of two things – you either have the immense courage of your convictions or else you have a certain strangeness to you … or both. These are the sorts of people who change the world, not by themselves but because someone later on takes it up, someone far more socially adept.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we’re at this point in Britain. That system is what is perpetuating all of it. Sure – remove Blair, Cameron and Clegg, sure kick out the CP from councils but the hydra just grows another head or eight. You’re not going to kill the beast that way.    Replace it with Communitarianism?   You have to be kidding – another politburo in that prostituted word, the Federation?

How do you remove Them?    The way Daniel Craig did at the end of Casino Royale?    Hunt them down to their Lake Leman homes and kill them?   One man, two.   Hydra, hydra.     No, it requires a radical solution and I’d suggest it is not in overt action, though that will come but inside ourselves, each and every one of us.

Ranty has the right concept of us being sovereign individuals who deign to cede some admin powers for a time to pollies and others – the idea is sound but the mechanics are near-impossible.    Many of us are so near the breadline or could lose all that we have so quickly that we continue to play the game – even I do. That’s the sort of courage currently beyond me and I suspect beyond you.

When sufficient individuals will not accept today’s realities, then there is some chance of altering the paradigm. Sufficient is the critical word. The net has certainly helped.

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  1. mona
    January 30, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    How do you remove them, if the UKIP councillor is right God is going to wash us off the face of the earth, Cameron and his sodomites have insulted the Scriptures.

  2. January 30, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    Newsboycap – terribly sorry, just made an error and your comment disappeared. Any chance of you doing it again?

  3. February 2, 2014 at 6:59 am

    “Many of us are so near the breadline or could lose all that we have so quickly that we continue to play the game – even I do. That’s the sort of courage currently beyond me and I suspect beyond you.”

    We have no choice but to play the game, James, we have allowed ourselves to be trapped. For example, those of us retired and reliant on our old age pension cannot rebel against the State or those that run it.

    I suspect that there are many among us with the necessary courage, unfortunately we have not the financial means whereby that courage can be displayed and enacted.

    The only way I can see to negate patronage, nepotism, Common Purpose and the like is for the adoption of the 6 Demands. It is up to us that believe in those demands to preach them.”

    • February 2, 2014 at 7:03 am

      So let’s lay them down, these demands. What are they?

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