The reduction of women in cabinet

How to analyze the reduction in women in Cameron’s cabinet, in the party and in parliament in general?

For a start, the bar is low at Westminster, the EU rubber stamp house. The circus called parliament is now just a show for the tourists, except on important things such as the sanctity of the family, where Cameron has shown he can come in and destroy just as well as anyone at the EU.

Women in parliament can point to misogyny if they like and personally, I think they have a point – the old boys club. On the other hand, they make it easy for Cameron et al to cut them out because the ambitious but talentless crop in parliament are crying out to be left out of things. Whining, carping, inefficient, incapable. Men acting like that would have been quietly dropped from cabinet.

I mean – Chloe Smith’s debacle, Mensch just playing pollie for a while, more interested in the “aren’t I the important pollie, eh” than actually doing anything, Flint and her debacle, Nadine Dorries [suffer the little children], Theresa “I’m the new PM” May and so on. And as for the Harmans and Abbotts – purrlease. Very, very damaging for the contention that women are capable in these things.

Mission – have talented women in parliament such that no leader can leave them out. Solution – put the above women in parliament as the flagship? Eh? It’s almost as if, you know, someone, maybe Them, have thought out how to stymie women’s progress for a generation. Easy, they think over their drinks, put this lot in and society will be turned off women in parliament or in any other position of responsibility for a very long time.

I’m scathing about such women for one very simple reason – because I’ve known and I know right now very talented ladies with all the best qualities of the sex – I speak with them and they’re nobody’s fools, they can take care of business and they’re alluring to boot. I’ve known the best women it’s possible to know and they are good. Really quite good.

So can you see how bloody frustrating it is for me and perhaps for you too to see these female buffoons in parliament and in charge of other things? Julia Middleton is a caricature, surely, not a woman?

Yesterday I had to deal with three government departments at once and that was fun. Not. However, it was a woman who took me through the process and made sure “i”s were dotted and “t”s crossed. I watched her at work and all the while, she had one eye about whether I was OK with things at each stage. Now, with the greatest respect for the guys, I think only a woman would do that.

What I’ve been trying to say for a long time is to stop this misogyny talk and look at the simple fact of life that everyone’s good at something and not at other things. And women, sorry to say it, are better than us at certain things, e.g. that lady yesterday. In my Saturday work – no man could do that unless he was gay. Sorry but it’s so.

But there are things women are not cut out for, e.g. front line battle and why are PCists so hell bent on trying to prove they are, endangering fellow troops, sending them to their own destruction? And they sure aren’t cut out for the cesspit of parliament unless they are hugely experienced and have worked their way up the proper way, without chips on their shoulders. Say what you like about Maggie but she did not operate like the whingy whiny specimens in parliament now.

Horses for courses – that’s all it is. People in the roles for which they are suited.