I am woman, hear me wimper!

Lloyds bank plan to bring more females into their boardrooms by ensuring at least 40% of their top 8000 positions are held by women by the year 2020.

A massive leap for gender equality, is it not.

Reader, it is not.

This move simply demonstrates the farce that feminism, equal rights and equal opportunities have become.

Our aim is to lead the way in the banking industry, as well as to become the first FTSE company to fully reflect the diversity of our customers in the management of our group.

People from every walk of life are likely to hold accounts or have loans and mortgages through Lloyds bank. In order to reflect the diversity of their customers, they don’t intend to employ pensioners, schoolchildren, plumbers, publicans, Somalian immigrants, chavs, jobseekers and latex fetishists. All they intend to do is bump a few more women up to executive positions.

Lloyds boardrooms will soon be made up largely of males who worked their way to the top, a few females who did the same and a bunch of token women who are there to fill a quota.

Does that fill you with confidence when trusting them with your money? As Anna Raccoon says, the bigwigs in any boardroom are not there because they do all their work with the end of their penis. The gender, creed, colour etc, of an employee matters not. It’s only the ability to do the job that should see somebody employed in a particular position.

Oh, and the desire. You may have the makings of a perfectly good solicitor, doctor or hedge fund manager, but if you don’t fancy working fifteen hour days to get there, you may as well not bother.

Which brings me back to women. We hear a constant bleating for ‘equality’, yet equality exists already, in a full measure. Real feminists fought hard for equality and they won.There’s no more gender bias, glass ceilings or pay gaps. Equality exists here and now.

But let’s be honest, it’s not equality that these women want, it’s a leg up. They’re not asking to be treated equally in the work place. They don’t want their CVs to have a fair hearing or their qualifications and experience to be recognised, because that already happens. They want an easy route into a cushy job with none of the effort and dedication their male counterparts are required to show.

That’s why we only hear bleating about women in boardrooms. How good would it be to be able to secure a high paying job in a cushy office with a secretary, based on your female status alone? Why do we never hear feminist types bleating about the lack of women in civil engineering?

Ok, they may occasionally pine for women in the nicer spots like architectural or management, but they wouldn’t dream of kicking up a stink about the lack of female tipper truck drivers. They don’t care that the people operating heavy machinery like graders and earth movers are predominantly men. Jobs like these are well paid and highly sought after by the men who can do them. They’re also outdoors, often in bad weather and quite dirty.

You can’t operate a cement mixer in high heels and a pant suit. Your make-up would be gone in 60 seconds, also.

Jobs are available to all. Employers are looking for ability. The reason there are so few women in boardrooms or female HGV drivers is that most women do not want to follow that kind of career path, or do but won’t put in the effort required.

And it’s those who won’t put in the effort that cry discrimination.

They want the job, the status and the benefits but will not recognise what must be done to get them. These women that get the promotions into the boardrooms of Lloyds bank based on womb alone, will not revel in how lucky they have been and do their best to do the job well. They will demand child friendly hours so they can do the school run. They will go home whenever their child bumps it’s head or has a cough and they will damn well demand a year off on maternity whenever they want another one.

And it doesn’t stop there. They won’t put in the hours their male colleagues do and they will miss large chunks of training and experience when they are away from work raising children, but as soon as they get passed over for promotion to a male colleague, there will be holy hell to pay.

Women used to want gender equality before it existed and they made sure they got it through any means necessary. We have it now though. A woman can be whoever she wants to be and do anything she wants to do.

The trouble is, they’re just not up to the task. Men have been doing what it takes to succeed since time immortal, usually carrying a wife and a couple of kids along the way. Women can and do accomplish anything that a man can do in the same environment, when they take the trouble to work at it, but women have rarely been in the position where they need to take the trouble.

Many women do take the trouble and those are the ones who succeed without whining about glass ceilings. Many more are simply too lazy to make the effort, yet in modern times they have come to believe that they should be something more in the workplace than they are, and when they fail to become that something more, they blame it on male bias and demand that something should be done.

That something comes in the form of equality laws and quotas. If a woman wants to do a high powered job but only do it between the hours of nine and five, we create a law about child friendly hours. If a woman wants to make it into a cushy position at the top, but lacks the skills and qualifications (and is unwilling to gain them), we make a law about gender bias and introduce quotas. If a woman wants to take a year out to have a child but still get paid a wage, we create a law about maternity leave.

“You don’t think raising a child is work?”

Frankly, no. I think raising a child is a lifestyle choice that you should finance on your own dime.

Which is another area of complaint. Women get paid less than men. Across the whole of society, average wages for women are lower than those of men, yet women through choice, don’t work across the whole of society.

Women as a rule, tend to avoid the dirty, smelly, manual, outdoor jobs that pay decent wages because of the conditions. Men take on these jobs and reap the financial benefits. Women take on the clean, indoor jobs in nice offices, with cups of tea and sandwiches for lunch, then they moan that they are not being paid as much as a bloke who comes home from work covered in shit at the end of every day. Pay gap! Discrimination!

In spite of all the changes to equality of the sexes over the years, women have too great a tradition of dependence to consider dropping it. They have made some concessions to changing times and conditions, but only the bare minimum. While some women have fought tooth and nail to be recognised on a equal footing, others want all the rights and privileges without the necessary effort. They pretend that gender bias is still an issue and it’s that issue that’s holding them back. And we get laws.

And not just a few laws. These women are so incapable of playing on the level field they want, that we need a whole raft of rules and regulations to enable them to do it.

Sexual harassment laws were originally conceived to deal with a boss groping a secretary. They’ve now become so broad as to include telling jokes. Are women so meek and sensitive that they need the state to enact laws to protect them from jokes? Even looking at a woman in the workplace can land you with a hefty compensation bill. Inappropriate looks are now considered sexual harassment.

Women don’t like to be looked at by men. Or do they?

Take the high heel shoe. What’s that all about? High heels are not worn for comfort, they’re worn for looks. No male would wear cripplingly uncomfortable footwear just to look good, so why do women do it if they don’t like men looking at them?

L’Oreal is multi million pound industry, simply because women like to look good for the opposite sex. Why would a woman spend an hour applying expensive make-up, wear a revealing hemline and don a pair of three inch heels, only to complain that they are being objectified by men?

And when the lippy, the mini and the stilettos have done their job and the woman has secured her man and married him, why can she then walk away from that marriage with almost everything the man has spent his life working for?

I wonder if the women who fought for the right to vote would have imagined where this was going. I believe they fought for genuine equality. Somewhere along the way, the idea of equality has been warped. It has become the belief that women should be able to have everything they wish, but the men must get them there.

Is that any different from the 1950’s when women stayed at home to look after the kids and cook the tea? Back then, everything they had was bought and paid for by their men. What do these women have when they take their shiny new jobs in the boardroom at Lloyds bank? Who bought and paid for them?

Women. Equality is here. You can do what you want. You can be who you want. Nothing is stopping you.

But you should have to work for the nice things in life, just like the men do.

6 comments for “I am woman, hear me wimper!

  1. john in cheshire
    February 8, 2014 at 11:50 am

    I want my money being looked after by those best able to do so; ie. meritocracy. I’m not sure that has been the case over the past decades but that’s another matter. If however, an organisation puts political fashion ahead of the needs of its customers, I’d say it’s time to deposit your money somewhere else, because sure as eggs is eggs this will eventually end in tears. We all know who pays when things go wrong, don’t we?

    • February 8, 2014 at 12:30 pm

      correct. If I had any money, I would seriously consider taking it out of Lloyds ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Voice of Reason
    February 8, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I read this after coming back from the barn, where my wife, on her day off from nursing, shovelled out the stalls.

  3. February 10, 2014 at 12:22 am

    If feminists didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any at all.

    • February 10, 2014 at 2:54 pm

      True dat

  4. February 10, 2014 at 6:37 am

    This move simply demonstrates the farce that feminism, equal rights and equal opportunities have become.

    Hardly much more than that need be said. There is misogynist oppressiuon … and then there is sheer farce.

    This is the latter.

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