PSN connectivity and Safenet

What do you know about the PSN connectivity?

In 2010 Virgin Media Business,[6] BT,[7]Cable & Wireless and Global Crossing signed Deeds of Undertaking (DoU)[8] and subsequently achieved accreditation for providing GCN and IP VPN services.[9]   In March 2012, BT, Cable & Wireless, Capita Business Services, Eircom, Fujitsu, Kcom, Level 3, Logicalis, MDNX, Thales, Updata and Virgin Media Business were successful bidders for the initial two year PSN Connectivity framework.[10]

In June 2012, 29 companies were confirmed as suppliers of ICT services to the UK public sector under the Government’s PSN Services framework contract. Apart from most of the previous suppliers, additional companies also included 2e2, Airwave Solutions, Azzurri Communications, Cassidian, CSC Computer Sciences, Computacenter, Daisy Communications, Easynet Global Services, Everything Everywhere, Freedom Communications, Icom Holdings, NextiraOne, PageOne Communications, Phoenix IT Group, Siemens Communications, Specialist Computer Centres, Telefónica, telent Technology Services, Uniworld Communications and Vodafone.[11]

OK, how about this one?

Local authorities and organizations in the U.K. have until March 31, 2014 to obtain Public Services Network (PSN) connectivity and become PSN compliant in order to retain access to GSi Convergence Framework (GCF) Services like secure mail relay, collaboration tools, and access to shared data resources. This infographic shows how to use SafeNet Authentication Service to make this transition easier. 

Anything wrong with that?   Ian PJ points out that this is being handled, not by a British company but by an American company based in Maryland.

Still anything wrong with that?

In 2006 SafeNet got caught up in the options backdating controversy. As a result both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer resigned and in 2008 the company’s former CFO was sentenced to six months in prison for manipulating employee stock options.[6][7][8]

And as for Capita, no need to mention its various alleged scandals – see Private Eye for those.

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  1. ivan
    February 10, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    So all that data is open to the US authorities under their Patriot Act.

    Anything that goes to a US company can be looked at by the US gov with impunity and that is even before NSA gets a look in.

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