Hitting The Ground Running On The Most Important Things…

…that’s the newly-formed National Crime Agency:

The National Crime Agency has issued a warning

About terrorism? Drugs? Fraud?

to users of “hook-up” apps like Grindr that they must take responsibility for checking the people they meet are above the age of consent.

Oh. Right. Ummm….

…while the NSPCC said that it did not collect specific figures relating to such apps, it has seen a noticeable rise in calls referring to them.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat programme, NCA head of education Jonathan Baggaley said: “Just because we’ve not received huge reports doesn’t mean this isn’t a major issue. Clearly the very dynamic of this kind of relationship means young people won’t report it.”

Yes, absence of any evidence of a problem clearly means that there’s a problem in the world of the ‘charity’….