Ordinary Russians speak on Sochi and the Ukraine

Did not get all the responses I’d hoped for but I did get some from Russia and Russians abroad and here are those, verbatim:

Sales manager in the heart of Russia

In two words – I’m not deeply involved in this stuff and it my own personal opinion.

Sochi Olympics

As about Soshi Olympics, it will be necessary to say that I’m proud of we did it!

I say “WE” – I mean all Russian Federation people: from constructors and volunteers to “simple taxpayers” and TV-watchers who were involved in constructing, preparation, providing and supporting The Olympics.

I say “PROUD”: I mean that I’m happy for our National Team and proud for all people who had been on site by there’s own decision, not because someone sent them!

I say “DID IT”: I really mean that we did it!

I deliberately do not touch politics, corruption, expenses. Why? – simply don’t want.

The Ukraine

It’s a terrible situation that in The Ukraine nowadays: political instability, incitement, war. All of this factors are awful.

I have no proofs, but for me is almost obvious two things:

– The situation in Kiev is looks like unmanaged, but it is managed in fact.
– No one place on post-Soviet space could be safe and cannot be insured from such kind of “spontaneous events”.

Travel agent, ex-gf

Since I have seen the first article more than a year ago on preparation for the Olympiad in Sochi and then seen, heard all about it.. vast protected nature parks destroyed, people died at work because of project mistakes and lack of knowledge of those who were in charge, huge budget though people from other cities not receiving their salary for the work there having to pay instead enormous prices to be able to have lunch and not able to receive parcels from their relatives with food because of security checks.. For all that..I could not force myself nor to watch the games nor to celebrate the victory.

And I am really ignorant about Ukraine.

That’s my [ex] darling all right.  Smart cookie on things which interest her and honest to a fault.

Wheeler and dealer, currently abroad

1) waste of money
2) big problem for us and Europe

Not sure what she’s up to now, lady I was close to

1.It is one great holiday, what was organised in high technology, cultural and security level, what impossible without more fees of course. Unfortunately Serbian national television doesn’t make appropriate TV translation all type of competition what I liked to see.

2. I don’t have comment. It something very horrible.

Think from that, that they, like us, can only form an opinion from what they see and hear, except if abroad and then it’s still what’s on the net and TV. Each has his or her own hobbyhorses.

One I did not quote [hasn’t replied a yet] is agin Putin and silent on the Ukraine. So, opinion split on the Sochi Olympics and no real solutions to the Ukraine.

My feeling is the Ukraine must divide into a western orange part and the deep-captured PTB in that country will try to join the EU, heavily white-anted by the CIA, whilst the Russian speaking east will be a Russian-friendly nation with large natural resources. Yanukovych was a pawn whose time has gone – he may or may not be punished/scapegoated.

Thus will bloodshed end but I’m not sure the PTB want the bloodshed to end. They want a Rwanda or Kosovo.