Do you believe the MSM on the Ukraine?

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Having no alternative story to compare to, it’s probably true to say that many of us have bought the characterization of the “freedom-loving” western Ukraine against the jackbooted Russian monster, lock, stock and barrel. Examination of who actually did the killing reveals a quite different story.

Were the issue transported over to our neck of the woods, Kerry’s call is not unlike if a fascist government were set up in the Faeroes , say, long range weapons from Germany and much money thieved from taxpayers is given[cf. Osborne’s rush to give our money] and then Merkel tells us we have to be very careful on our policy towards the Faeroes and a free people’s right to democracy.

Or it’s like the USSR setting up camp in America’s backyard, Cuba, in 1963, piling in the nuclear arms and then telling America – think very carefully about defending your backyard so that the freedom loving people of Cuba do not have their sensitivities trampled.

And the most cursory look at Kerry’s Skull &Bones history is murkiness personified. And here.

As for the sensitivities of western Ukraine, this report from our correspondent Russ, from deepest Russia:

US and EU supported Ukrainian Nazis, provided money to them through grants for more than 20 years already.    Now they provide weapons to them as well.

Who are these Ukrainian Nazis?    They were fully supported by Hitler.   They carried out a holocaust on their teritory before Hitler came.

Consequences for the EU and US:

§  Now EU, US, World Bank is going to supply and incubate new Fascist Country.

§  Russia probably will stop any support of illegitimate Ukrainian Government.

Consequences for the population there:

§  Jewish people will leave this territory. Nazis will start killing them – simple.(

§  Russians started to leave this territory to more safe regions of Ukraine or Russia. (60-70% of Ukranian population has relatives in Russia. 30% of Russian population has relatives in Ukraine.)


Russia’s steps:

§  Russian home guard (cossacks) population without any of Putin’s direction already started to move to Ukraine to help relatives in war.

§  Russia will try to support the regions of Ukraine which has Russians as a major population.

§ Since the new government in Kiev has no legitimacy, the territories with major Russian population will proclaim full independence and further (may be) entrance to Russia, as part of the Russian territory.

§  Russia is likely to switch off any funding of the Nazi “Rezhim” and switch of Gas through the pipeline.

§  The regions with major Russian population in Ukraine are the following (see picture at top):

§  Blue regions will go to Russian territory just save population from genocide ( Genocide! – What!!! Hello Hello – welcome to the 21 Century))  ) . All this territories was obtained from Russia during the rulling of Hruschev and other Heads of Country – as free gift to “Darling!” Ukraine.

Gifts return to giver.

Added comments

As is generally known, even over here, the “blue” area in the map above is resource rich, compared to the west of the Ukraine. Therefore, the only way the [western] Ukraine survives is EU money and that of criminal groups such as JPM, WB, IMF.

It becomes yet another begging nation using taxpayer money from western nations. And yet the western media is complicit in showing the western Ukraine as freedom loving and like us.

How far do you trust the MSM?

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  1. February 27, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Here is some more on it.

    This man’s name is Александр Музычко [Alexander Muzichko] and he is one of the new law enforcement officers of the new western Ukraine that western people are supporting:

    The difficulty is in non-Russian speakers hearing what is said. He is admitting where his tactics come from. Those seated in suits are former regime prosecutors.

    Just as in the Middle-East “democratic” revolutions, it is the thugs who are in charge. This man trained with Chechnyen terrorists before his new role.

    These people are known as Right Sector and are western Ukrainian, not the Russian side. To be precise:

    It’s an Ukranian nationalist Alexander Muzichko, the leader of Right Sector and a regional prosecutor Andrey Targoniya.

    This is not a lot different to Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety. And here you see him in all his glory:

    Remember that he is not just some O/R terrorist but the man who heads the organization. Note his weapon inside the building.

    Comment by a Russian, Artyom Kalinin:

    Чеченский боевик теперь рулит в Хохляндии… Браво, украйинци! Добились торжества демократии!

    My rough translation:

    Chechen rebel now rules the [heartland?] … Bravo ukraiintsi! You’ve achieved the triumph of democracy!

    I think you get the idea. Always dangerous to accept what the media says at face value. Broadening it to the installation of the new pro-western government [different site]:

    I have missed this- the flag of “right sector” was installed at the entry to the Parliament of Ukraine (which is actually the flag of “UPA”- “The rebel army of Ukraine” which was one of the major military forces fighting alongside nazi in Ukraine during WW2)

    Fascist installing the flag near the entry to the parliament
    And everybody OK with this.

    More- leader of fascist UNA-UNSO Alexander Muzichko at the session of Rovno city(which city administration was actually captured by him and his fighters) regional committee boasting his weapons and saying, than his fighters and “right sector” wont allow to disarm themselves and will continue their fight – he is a criminal and he with his fighters from UNA UNSO were fighting alongside separatists as a mercenary in Chechnya.

    UDAR, the acronym for this new policy means, in Russian/Ukrainian “blow”, as in a strike on someone.

    • February 28, 2014 at 1:00 am

      James, I have been following this for weeks via radio, online reports and the press.

      Every day I expect enlightenment yet become more confused.

      Didn’t Yuri Bezmenov say that nothing happens by accident? I don’t know what is going on here — more confusing than the Arab Spring — but it will take a while for us Westerners to put the pieces together.

      Thankfully, you understand the language and the culture. Keep the posts coming! Thanks for the explanations thus far.

      • February 28, 2014 at 6:48 am

        I’ll crosspost tomorrow morning’s drawing together of threads,in the light of further communications.

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