Ukraine, EU and UK – tying some threads together

Bringing together the Ukrainian threads,in the light of the vid attached to the OoL version of the story:


Look closely at who’s in that room

The west has been presented with a picture of freedom-loving Ukrainians throwing off the Russian yoke because we are manipulated from cradle to grave bythe presentation of Russia as all Putin/Yeltsin/Gorbachev/politburo. The media in deep-captcha does this, e.g. the Katherine Graham press in the US [WP]. Murdoch here among others – we get their slant only. Russians get state media slant.

It’s like defining us as Cameron/Brown/Blair, when the common people are a hotch-potch of patriotic/freedom-seeking/hedonistic/concerned with eking out a living/smoking/drinking/lovemaking people. Both peoples are as thick as two short planks and politically naive in some ways and amazingly bright in others, in their chosen areas.

Then there is that lot it keeps coming back to every single time – the powermongers – over there, over here. I’ve defined it as Them. It’s not one club, it’s a bunch of people of similar mindset, coming up through the preselection process or parachuted in and they need enforcers to stay in power.

Of late over here, have you noticed the police becoming more thuggish in their recruitment, plus made to do paperwork when they should be on the beat? Mayor of Middlesbrough said they were on the beat 13% of the time. Friendly bobby presence almost gone. Citizen militia now do patrols. Why?

Over in Russia, everyone knows but doesn’t speak of the siloviki, except at home.    The word means strong-arm boys.   They are the rump Putin inherited from Yeltsin and back to Stalin – intergenerational thugs, enforcers, atrocity committers.    The Roman praetorian on their sinecures were the same back then.    They are in the riot police over there as over here. They obey orders and are brainwashed to view people as sheep to be controlled.

Over there, I met the type and was glad to have their protection, though I was inostranetz in their eyes [foreigner] useful for awhile.

Russia has the Ukraine on its doorstep and does not want a Cuba on its hands. It’s satellites were for a purpose,as we all know. They play hardball, Russia, on this point. In the Ukraine,opposing them, are not the people per se but a different siloviki,including the man in the vid and hundreds of thousands like him across the regions.

Coming down from above, from the old nazi rump in the Ukraine which has never gone away, are orders to change the guard. Most significant were the comments of pro-democracy people on fora who questioned why the nazi flags outside the parliament after Yanukovich went. It was because the far right are in charge, the BNP of the Ukraine, not the moderates.

In that clip, see how that man was dressed and how the officials were dressed – one lot bureaucratic civilian, one lot paid mercenary. That man was born near Perm in Russia and hired himself out to the Chechyen warlords. Now he is hiring himself and the Right Sector to the Ukraine.

The bullyboys remain in charge – it’s just a different set of bullyboys. Under the last lot, at least the Jews were safe. Now they’re not – this lot are worse than the Russian push ever were, as my corespondent points out.

And just as the EU has its greedy eyes on the City and any money source they can control, so in the Ukraine, the only resources worth controlling are those in the eastern sector, the pro-Russian sector. That’s what the thugs now in power want and the EU is behind them. That’s why they must be in the EU, according to them – they know life is not self-sustaining in the western part, the orange part.

So they trot out all this guff which they know the Brits and Americans will fall for- freedom loving people, wanting self-determination – precisely what we at OoL want for ourselves and so we’re most susceptible to that message. Also, most of us don’t have Russian correspondents to put the other side of the coin.

How far will this post influence anyone? I’d say very little and thus people over here will continue to allow our government to support the thugs in the Ukraine, whilst condemning the bete-noir, Russia. Which is not to support Putin because he’s the Russian bete-noir, the one from the other side.

Perfect case, slightly digressing, is Pussy Riot.   Do you honestly believe it’s about freedom?    Look who funds those girls – he’s in the political power game just as much s Putin.   Yet pretty girl, pretty face,despite what she’s done – west takes her to their hearts.

Russia has a sovereign right to protect its borders, just as we do and it knows the CIA and NATO are in there [despite protestations from NATO]. We saw Kosovo, we saw northern Serbia. We would rather support a Muslim warlord nation than a Serbian state.

Nations are neither good nor bad – they are just nations. Their leaders commit atrocities in the name of the people, there is no direct democracy in any of them, although there is a pretence in the UK and the US. The difference is that there is no pretence over there.

Thus we condemn them. The lesson was clear in the middle-east – the thugs at the top are just as murderous as each other. The militias are as inhumane as each other and they are backed by money which has an interest in fomenting unrest. We condemn the killing of Litvinenko but nothing is said about the atrocities he and Berezovsky were aiding and abetting.

It was said in Russia but how many of you read Russian language papers or listen to Russian radio, read Russian blogs?

Politkovskaya was another taken in. She was part of it but all we ever see is the fearless reporter. She was a useful idiot of a leftist persuasion, sorry. Basayev in Chechnya used her. They had a haven in London – we protect many war criminals in London. The FCC and others consistently support the wrong side – always have.

Why? Have to go into Tavistock/Common Purpose et al and this post is getting too long.

We, the people, need to see that all countries have their buffer zones – France and Germany’s is this EU fiction, whereas for us, the EU is corrosive and debilitating. Hence Merkel over here to enforce Cameron – the Club is speaking and Merkel is pure Bertelsmann and Bertelsmann is Black Nobility. That’s the lot who spread paedophilia through official health department recommendations some years back [posts passim at OoL].

Our buffer is the Special Relations plus the Commonwealth. Why is the FCO so anti-colonial now? Anti-high level nation colonial I mean, they love the third world Commonwealth. It doesn’t take much thinking. The PTB do not want strong ties with our Commonwealth as in former, imperial days.

It’s crying out to be seen by those who can see. Same reason we have no harriers on aircraft carriers, same reason this austerity rubbish, all contrived in the first place, extends to our armed forces but not to Germany’s. Same reason England is broken up and funded through regions – we, the people rejected regional assemblies but here are the RDAs,with EU money directly siphoned in [see Sheffield]. Same reason all these independence moves are underway. Break-up of Britain, as the PTB want.

So that’s the context of the Ukraine, no more, no less than anywhere else and the crims as heroes, the neutrals as betes-noirs.


My own bona fides [or not]:  I’m not Putin’s tool, any more than Cambroonbliar’s.   I support the Russian people and French and German and Australian/Canadian/NZ/US, Italian, as well as my own here.   People are people.    Siloviki are siloviki.  The nation I support is more simple- England and whomever we happen to be associated with.