Twelve principles of discord and disintegration – a handbook

Loyalists to our great global cause, sometimes referred to as The Great Work of Ages and our military arm, Moriah Conquering Wind – greetings. This volume is the handbook on the most effective techniques to achieve our common purpose.


1. It is meet and proper to remember our formalized principles and in all dissimulation perpetrated on the world, to stay true to the spirit of these principles, no matter what appearances indicate to the population, through our chosen media, at any given time.

For want of any other list committed to paper, these could be summarized as [thanks to our late colleague Weishaupt]:

1) Abolition of all ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property
3) Abolition of inheritance
4) Abolition of patriotism
5) Abolition of the family
6) Abolition of religion
7) Creation of a world government

So many loyal agents have promoted such throughout the ages and have lost their lives in the cause. Remember the fallen. Upon them, we posthumously bestow the Order of Voltaire.

2. Though we are accused of the following characteristics:

a. twisting and dirtying anything we touch, e.g. human relations, attempting to create a society-wide Salon Kitty;

b. creating division, fomenting discord and dismay among our enemies – humanity and its advocates – and keeping that particular pot bubbling along;

c. adoring a panorama of bland dystopia in our image and providing war to sweep away all life’s little complexities, taking out a few million here, a few hundred thousand there …

… this can be safely ignored as the Detractor Class lie confused and dispirited, at daggers drawn among themselves; thus we may proceed with impunity.

3. With regard to our peoples, the primary tasks are:

Keeping them in a state of ignorance through a compliant media and making them compliant by owning them, e.g. The Times, NYT, WP, Mail, Guardian etc. and providing a type of media for each point of view – Independent for Lib Dems, Guardian for Labour, Telegraph for real Conservatives, Spectator for Tories etc.

Ensuring, by appointment, that staff fairly well toe the paper’s line and don’t deviate greatly.

Whenever a major change is needed, e.g. going to war, all media are called together to agree.

4. Ensuring media organs and citizenry which really can challenge us go to the wall, are marginalized by our army of trolls who infiltrate and keeping others tied up or else leading them on in order to frame them.

For example,if a blogger is making headway, invite him on Andrew Marr’s show or whoever and show him to be a potty-mouthed non-comp [though he is more than competent in reality], so that his message is blunted, play on his weakness[es], e.g. a desire to be a person of great influence, by a system of promises or else get some employer within his chosen field to offer him remunerative employment and a stroked ego to keep him away from the organs which could challenge, then dash his hopes or weary him beyond comeback.

Failing that, hack the site and bring it down. Or do all of that. In some cases, you’ll need to find the dirt, e.g. if he has a predilection for little boys, then there’s your angle.

5. One especially effective way of achieving N4 is creating the illusion of a new free media, e.g. the blogosphere, to keep that class of reader happily tied up going around in circles.

For example, keep the thing about Obama’s birth certificate bubbling along by appearing from nowhere with a vid like this and make it plausible, e.g. do it in received pronunciation, which is perceived as authoritative, as we did with Lord Monkton.

We ourselves meanwhile have tied up the nation’s resources in utterly pointless and illogical ideology, e.g. man made climate change, when we know fullwell there is no way to even make a short term model and we have the fearless investigative reporters in the blogosphere, e.g. Watts Up, chasing their tails attacking our IPCC.

With Obama’s certificate, ensure the version which comes out is an obvious photoshop but not too obvious, which does not show his original is faked in the least but that the one you’ve just now put out is faked – an entirely different thing. That ties up Snopes et al in debunking the debunkers – months of fun for everyone.

At the right juncture, put out another certificate and have the authority, e.g. in Hawaii, through our man/woman there, attest that the new forgery is a true copy. This can go on virtually for ever.

For variety, you could run a ritual murder in Perugia if you have the time and the Black Nobility to keep matters covered, keeping the American MSM tied up for years.

6. Purpose of course is to disguise our real agenda, which is to transform society into the hierarchical federalist model we need, the better to control the newly dumbed-down [newer two generations] of sheeple.

7. Meanwhile, our colleagues in China and Russia stir up and cause trouble of their own, though neither can sustain the ideology-driven war which drives them and certainly couldn’t see a war through to the end against us [we reside in London, Edinburgh, New York, Washington, Boston, Paris, Vienna and some other cities].

Still, the prospect of a 20 million strong army tramping along the Silk Road via a series of treaties with countries along the way, e.g. Pakistan, itself destabilized, should get the west quaking in its boots. Let China tie up ports around the world under the delusion they can control entry and egress of goods and supplies and that might tip them into feeling war is a viable option now.

8. Remember the principle that whatever is finally named and shamed, after exhaustive research and years of nervous energy by our enemy, the Detractor Class, that it is brought to naught by the simple expedient of now dropping the organization and starting up, renaming, rebranding a new one, e.g. Agenda 21, EU subcommittees.

9. Promoting national breakdown, e.g. England and the UK, Trinistria and Moldova, via our agents provocateurs, e.g. the EU, CIA. Create the seeds of new nationalist feeling, e.g. in the Ukraine,in order to dirty the name of nationalism [remember plank 4 of our prime directive above] and have a strong anti-social-engineering push in each nation, e.g. le Pen, Farage etc., such that the people turn away from such nationalism as akin to moonbattery.

Alternative – us of course, whom people wearily turn back to, under the delusion that this is democracy. Our in-joke, which we all enjoy, is that the sheeple say to themselves – better the devil you know. Indeed.

10. Promoting societal breakdown through prising the nation away from its spiritual roots in favour of a new values-free religion, doesn’t matter what it is – evolution, communism, communitarianism, the great god Shopping; let them lose cultural identity as well through mass immigration and an ongoing series of bizarre actions and judicial decisions designed to punish the innocent and protect the guilty.

Have it so that no one knows anymore who is friend, who is enemy. The friend of the people is really one of us, while the one we’ve destroyed through character assassination was actually one who could have helped the fight against us.

An effective adjunct to this is to create enough conflicting laws and shift society from the rule of law to the rule of laws, thereby effectively criminalizing an entire community on the statute books and leaving them to be picked off one by one for infringement against the new law[s] promulgated in the last few sessions of parliament.

11. Disarming the people physically through a series of atrocities and gunrunning, e.g. Sandy Hook, Fast and Furious programme, 911, WTC7.

The old principle of debunking and discrediting the opposition who have found something out by:

a. labelling them, e.g. calling them truthers, birthers and inviting ridicule;
b. infiltraing their group to lead astray and ensure ridicule …

… still holds as true now as it ever did.   The purpose is to create national horror of self-defence and a tide of opinion against weapons being in the hands of a population but retaining weapons in the hands of the Criminal Class we’ve worked so hard to create the preconditions to develop.

12. With regard to our henchmen and would-be-PTB, the primary task is:

Keeping them protected in their key roles, e.g. Common Purpose within council offices, having graduated from our new schools of ignorance and cultural brainwashing, e.g. PCism, equality and diversity,world core curriculum we’ll call the International Baccalaureate.

Promoting from within and ceasing to recognize old qualifications without staff having to go on courses to be reindoctrinated [topped up], which in turn requires a culture of “bits of paper” – NVQs, that sort of thing – even the toilet cleaner needs a certificate of Hygiene Officer.   Or else parachute in our graduates from other fields, particularly the current crop of Equality and Diversity graduates.

Paying them grotesquely obscene salaries, out of all proportion to the average wage.

Digging the dirt and remembering that the Sword of Damocles has always been a most effective weapon. This ensures they temper their ambitions, nourish obscurity and don’t rock the boat. Those that do then rock the boat have a screw loose and they’re our boys [and girls].

There is a 13th principle – tying people up in seemingly endless verbage, to keep them from the important things.

Chapter 1

[As and when it’s written]

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