The Krim, us, Germany and the question of resolve

Two things are happening.

America has frightened the Ukrainian thugs that they’ll lose their gold to Putin and so it’s airlifted.   Putin has frightened the Krim that the triumvirate of America/EU and the thugs will start the pogrom in the Krim and there is historical precedent for that, so they’re turning to mother Russia for now.

I wish I could convey how deep-seated this view is among ordinary Russians. They’re dismayed by relations with their historic neighbour and yet they do see, through interminable current affairs panels on TV, that there is no choice but to “save” the Krim and frankly, I agree with them. It’s their land and it’s our job to get TF out of there. My view would be the same over here if anyone tried to take over our country – someone like the EU and the Labour traitors, plus the Clegg Party and the Pink Tories.

There’ll be an autonomy deal in the Krim – a self-governing region under the Russian umbrella [referendum result on the 16th is the justification]. There’ll be an exodus, free movement across the border into the Ukraine. Emboldened, Putin will then move onto the next target – other regions of the Ukraine which are Russian-speaking.

It goes against agreements from ’91 and at other times but these are unusual circumstances. The triumvirate is in powerin the Ukraine – the foreign Them is there – and Russia feels it gives it the “razreshenye” or permission, the justification to protect its ethnic group.

Don’t for a minute think a strong Britain years ago would not have done the same for us [except for the Falklands the FO neglected]. It’s difficult to explain to the ordinary people out there just how far this lot at Westminster have truly sold our nation out to Germany. This is our own version of Petain and the Vichy French.

Many abhor the idea of the new cold war but America had its chance. Russia wanted into NATO, they wanted a relationship with the EU and were rejected. Putin is saying f*** you, you need our oil so let’s see how you go.

This is why I get so frustrated with Richard North and AM – they’re good people, don’t get me wrong and I count them as friends but this going on about Article 50. In realpolitik, we don’t need this – we just need RESOLVE and the justifications take care of themselves later.

1. Unilaterally depart;
2. Start rebuilding our armed forces, inc the Royal Navy, again;
3. Be sweet, pleasant and diplomatic in all our dealings;
4. Europe WILL trade with us because the EU will collapse.

I know no one will listen to this because we prefer the pussyfooting method but I prefer the clarity of Russia protecting its own. Arguing from a position of strength is so much easier and Germany is our target. We’re sitting ducks at this time. Forget Russia – they’re a separate issue. The French, under a conservative government, will fall in line with us if we had a leadership with spine – they fear Germany too.

AM is a respected writer – this on the Ukraine, allowing for his English perspective, is good. But on Article 50 – we’re not dealing with people who go by the letter of the law here, we’re dealing with people who both resent us and have not signed off on their accounts for what is it – 18 years now?

We need resolve. It’s as simple as that. Cast your eyes over to Westminster and do you see any? Our pollies are a waste of good breathing space, such as they currently are.

3 comments for “The Krim, us, Germany and the question of resolve

  1. john in cheshire
    March 11, 2014 at 10:40 am

    James, is it possible that the two are not mutually exclusive, in that, the problem is we haven’t a person or persons who wish to take us out of the EU. Before either unilateral withdrawal or invoking Article 50 can be considered, there has to be a will at the top to leave the EU. Once that point is reached, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s unilateral or via Article 50. In fact, I see no reason not to invoke Article 50 and in parallel make all the necessary preparations to return to normal self-rule. As they say, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Well, if that hour is upon us we are sorely lacking the man, as you rightly state.

  2. March 11, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    You’ve hit it, John. There is this dearth of quality people at the top because it is being strangled both deliberately and by the preselection process in itself. The quality people are not getting a look in.

  3. John Bolton
    March 11, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Dear Radders, I think it unlikely that Putin will take East Ukraine. That leaves W. Ukraine free wheeling to the 4th Reich.He needs to keep the Ukraine intact as a viable state under the Russian umbrella as per Russian defensive thinking. Possibly some federal solution may be produced as a stop gap to cover Ukraine’s undeniable divisions. Crimea will certainly ultimately join Russia. I am sure that Tymoshenko and her crime syndicates can live with this.

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