Russia invokes Kosovo over Crimea

A news report from Russia from our correspondent Russ:

Crimea on the way to a referendum, RF preparing for the new republic, the West – meeting reality

“Ukraine strongly condemns the direct intervention of the Russian Federation in the internal affairs of our country. Russia’s actions directly contradict the fundamental principles of international law and the generally recognized principles of coexistence “- quoted a statement from ITAR-TASS.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, explained that the decision of the Crimean parliament is perfectly legitimate.

“The March 11 decision of the Supreme Council of Crimea adopted the Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, according to which, if adopted by referendum on March 16, the decision to join as part of Russia , Crimea will be declared an independent and sovereign state with a republican form of government.”

In the aforesaid Declaration, international legal justification for this step makes reference to the UN Charter and other international instruments, as well as the conclusion of the International Court of 22 July 2010 on Kosovo.

“In the said report , adopted at the request of the UN General Assembly on the initiative of Serbia, the International Court of Justice confirmed the fact that the unilateral declaration of independence on the part of the state does not violate any rule of international law .

This conclusion is clearly sounded in the preceding ruling of the International Court hearings – in particular, documents and speeches of the official representatives of the United States , Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark and other Western countries. Materials about the position of the International Court of Justice and referred to Western representatives posted on the Ministry website .”

The chairman of the Federated Council Committee for International Affairs, Mikhail Margelov , said,  “The Kosovo precedent was designed and approved by the West , so that the self-determination genie is now out of the bottle, first released in Europe not Russia .”

The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation summarized : ” The Russian Federation will fully respect the free will of the people of Crimea in the referendum, which is known to be invited observers from the OSCE and on a bilateral basis .”

There it is. Obama’s CIA thought they could go in to join the nazi descendants, Right Sector and others, destabilize the Ukraine and turn it against Russia, with the EU also trying to buy into the action.  One understands the US but for the EU, it is a suicidal move.

Russia has had some grievances on its list for some time – it supports Serbia and did not like the way Kosovo was dealt with by the west [NATO et al], plus it has wanted the Krim for a long time.    While the Ukraine was benign for so long, it was not an issue.   The US and the EU have raised the stakes, Russia has called them – that’s all that’s happened.

As many western pundits have noted, the Krim is vital sea access and a strategic necessity, not only for the Black Sea fleet but in general, hence the Crimean War our nation was involved in as well.   Russia has a shopping list of things to do, they only need the western pretext.

Sorry but the US and EU members of Them, as distinct from the peoples of those lands, have been well and truly outflanked this time.

And this is how Them, the hungry, restless pack of ne’er do wells above us have and always will ruin things for us. They make us deeply unpopular around the world, increase risk to travellers and visitors and involve us in wars, having emasculated the armed forces of the nation first, whilst devastating the economy.

One can only conclude the long-term reason for this recklessness is to cull our people, whom Them despise.

Scenario of the next few weeks, as I see it

Russia has marshalled its forces along its border with the Ukraine, including artillery and air power.   It will not risk international condemnation and officially cross that border unless the Ukrainian thug leadership deploys its own forces to stop the Crimean move going through.

Russia has certainly gone in in unmarked vehicles and the Ukraine high command know it is waiting.   Hence their anguished cries that Russia is invading.     Russia has the Ukraine itself as a lower priority – it doesn’t need to annexe it – far better to have a benign leadership.   The people in mortal danger are Right Sector and the foreign interventionists.

The Themist way [CIA/EU/Right Sector] for now is to destabilize within the Krim and get the minority to heckle and cause trouble during this referendum and the subsequent realignment.  There might be deaths, blamed on Russian overreaction.

The Ukrainian thugs are expecting the US and/or the EU to commit forces to protect them and as we’ve seen, Cameron and Osborne are more than ready to do that, reading the mood of the people, as softened up by propaganda over so long in the MSM, as being supportive of intervention.

I believe that, apart from the Krim itself – a foregone conclusion now – the target is the thugs who have set up camp in the Ukrainian parliament.   I’d see them as “disappeared” but it still needs a pretext for Russia to move and that pretext is the Ukraine deploying forces to prevent the Krim realigning with Russia.

We’ve already seen what happens to cells in London which support and fund the Chechyen warlords.

This is the war our lords and masters have been spoiling for for so long – they tried Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, even North Korea but might have to settle for the Balkans.