Crimea – accepting the umpire’s decision?

Every move, every utterance shows the world what they’ve been supporting up till now.


Crimeans vote 95.5% in favour of joining Russia as Ukrainian prime minister vows to hunt down ‘separatist leaders’ who pushed through referendum

Those “separatist leaders” were the elected deputats – 63 from 67 – in the Crimean parliament. Hunting these people down?

Just look at the language. If you refer back to early posts on the Ukraine here where Right Sector’s takeover of parliament resulted in the nazi heirs once more being in charge – you saw a vid of their leader – if you look at the history of the holocaust in WW2 which preceded that of Hitler, if you look at the criminal class – CIA, Kerry, EU – who are backing the Ukraine thugs, then it’s not hard to understand a 95% plus vote to rejoin Russia.

The very words “hunt down” with a 20 000 strong SS is back to the days of the Stasi again, only this time it is a Ukrainian Stasi. Anyone Jewish has reason to fear the Ukrainian coup leaders who took over the parliament undemocratically – there was no vote on removing the elected President, bad as he was.

And the western media are complicit, telling porkies left, right and centre.   The Age gives the result of the “illegal” referendum.   How is the voice of a people illegal?   The Ukraine Stasi and the EU, plus Obama’s henchmen would like it to be, of course.

The Beeb was stationed in Donetsk and were showing a polling booth.

ref crimean

There was no militia, as Kiev claims, forcing people to vote., People collected their ballot paper – you saw it happening, they went into the booth, they came out and put the paper, folded, into the ballot box, then left.   As we do here.    If there had been coercion, it made no difference once inside the polling station.

Then the Beeb cut to a demonstration, which was said to be violent.  


In the pic, can you see the American flag being waved among the Russian flags?   Would that be risked with a violent crowd?

The only thing was then to cut to Kiev, to get some altercation going.   The correspondent said there was a “sombre” mood.   It was said that in the Russophone east, there was not a separatist mood but a supportive one for Crimea and that they distrusted the American and EU moves in Kiev.

Every attempt to highlight deaths, to speak about a crisis reaching fever pitch – where?   Where was this crisis?   In Kiev, Brussels and Washington of course.   The only incendiary language was coming out of those places.

Rossa sent an article which mentioned Otpor and that leads to CANVAS and that leads to Soros money and the US government.

Here it is from a different angle:

The minions of Soros and CIA popular uprising mastermind Gene Sharp of Cambridge, Massachusetts’s Einstein Institution, immediately took to Kyiv’s Maidan Square to call for the ouster of Yanukovych and his government after the deal with the EU was suspended by Yanukovych. It was recently revealed, thanks to the hacking of STRATFOR by America’s latest political prisoner, hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, that two Serbian groups organized by Sharp, Soros, and the CIA to overthrow Serbian president Slobodon Milosevic, OTPOR! and CANVAS (Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies), coordinated their strategies with the CIA-affiliated private intelligence group Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (STRATFOR).

And so it goes on. It is not what the MSM is still trying to convince western readers is the case. Couple more snippets:

CyberBerkut claims it brought down NATO’s main website (, as well as the sites of the alliance’s cyber defense center ( and NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly (

The group, in a message posted on its website, says its members will “not allow the presence of NATO occupation on the territory of our homeland!”

The hacktivists also claimed that they are countering the action of the so-called “Tallinn cyber center” or NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, which has been hired by the “Kiev junta” to carry out “propaganda among the Ukrainian population through the media and social networking.”

The Western cyber network, hactivists claim, is hiding behind the façade of the so-called “Maidan Cyber Sotnya” and helps “blocking objective sources of information and concealing criminal activities of those calling themselves the ‘legitimate authority.’”


The Crimean referendum website was down on Sunday. Previously, organisers said the site underwent a DDoS hacker attack originating in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne in the United States.

More as things unfold.

2 comments for “Crimea – accepting the umpire’s decision?

  1. Derek
    March 17, 2014 at 8:53 am

    The one thing that I have not heard yet is the percentage turnout at the referendum. The Russian population of Crimea is just under 60%. As most of the non Russian population is reported to have boycotted the vote, anything over about 60% turnout will be suspicious. Is that why the turnout is not reported

  2. March 17, 2014 at 9:44 am

    There was about 43% turn-out, 95% of that voted for the anschluss. That’s how it goes. If people don’t turn up to vote, then they can’t complain later that only a certain percentage of the people wanted it. It can equally be argued that those who stayed home, apart from the 12% Crimean Tatars and the 24% Ukrainians would still have left a FTP win for the anschluss.

    There was a comment at one of the dailies and it’s encouraging:

    The Quisling Cameron and the rest of the rotten establishment appear to have a bit of a problem with the principle of democracy. No great surprise there though I suppose. They don’t appear to have the same problem with a Scottish referendum though; how very strange and totally inconsistent of them all again. It makes you wonder what they are really all about and who are working them from the back don’t you think.

    For us over here, this would appear to be the issue – the problem our “leaders” have with democracy.

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