The First Rule Of NHS Club Is….

…yeah, you can probably guess, can’t you?

The outgoing boss of the NHS in England has revealed he plans to spend the next stage of his career defending the health service from newspapers which “hate the NHS”.

Newspapers don’t ‘hate’ or indeed ‘love’ anything, except whatever will sell copy. That’s why on the one hand nurses are ‘angels’ while on the other they are callous unfeeling automatons bent on starving your granny to death. Sometimes in the very same newspaper…

The chief executive of NHS England argued he is not looking to join a proposed new press regulator to prevent criticism of individuals in the NHS or “stop the Daily Mail doing whatever it does”.

Instead, he said, he wants to ensure that greater transparency on the part of the NHS is not exploited by newspapers to tell sensational stories.

How can it not be, then? The more we see just how the NHS operates, the less we like it.

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  1. ivan
    March 24, 2014 at 11:02 am

    How can this guy that oversaw the mess in the NHS and so got kicked out move on to another quango post especially while retaining the pension from the last one? This is nothing but the revolving door in action.

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