What Tymochenko really thinks of her people

Our correspondent Russ reports an interesting conversation between Yulia Tymochenko and Deputatat and National Security Council member of the Ukraine, Nestor Shufrich, “after the Maidan dissapointment at the Crimean referendum result.”

The FSB of Russia hacked the phone call, which has now gone viral. Most Russians interviewed leading up to the referendum had sentiments along the line of the Ukrainian leadership seeing them as second class citizens. It’s something you’d expect them to say and perhaps the reverse for western Ukrainians about Russia but what gives this a particular edge is Tymochenko’s comments. Russ takes up the story.

“They talk about the eastern side of the Ukraine where the citizens are mainly Russian. Shufrich asks, “What are we going to do with them, these derelicts?”

[Derelict: изгой, отщепенец, неимущий, бездомный, отверженный.]

She replies: “блин, их расстреливать из атомного оружия надо”. Which means in English: “We have to shoot them all using nuclear weapons.”

I’ve listened to the tape and can hear where she says this around 50 seconds in:

Not much more needs to be said – she’s referring to the people she was supposedly Prime Minister of. Despite this and the criminal charges of fraud, she is the darling of the western leaders and many westerners themselves.

This one has not gone the way Obama, iDave and the EU anti-democrats wanted. They thought they could whip up public opinion against Russia but ended up losing the Crimea for the Ukraine. And the things Putin really has done wrong are now swept under the rug as he rides high in Russian national esteem.

This is how the klutzes of the US and EU have handled things. Sabre-rattling non-comps. And these are the people in charge of our national defence.

Also worth a look.

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  1. March 25, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    So, we are to understand that the FSB tapped the phones and ‘released’ this conversation? Say’s who? The FSB? Was it ‘leaked’? Has anyone been shot for that?

    And we are to believe that?

    And what if they had actually ‘created’ it themselves? How are we to know? How are we to be expected to believe the FSB? That’s Putin’s old mates with a change of name.

    Yulia was jailed for a while. Hardly surprising that she was pissed off. A woman scorned and all that with the added indignity of pissing in a bucket.

    But, let us be charitable all around and consider it all ‘true’ and accurate. It shows that the whole bunch on both sides are raving.

    • March 26, 2014 at 11:01 am

      “It shows that the whole bunch on both sides are raving.”

      It does indeed. It shows also that this is another WMD, another Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. People died for nothing. I’m no pacifist – if there is a clear enemy who has started aggression against us – then hit him hard, no question. If our shores are threatened, then I’m down to the recruitment office signing on for Dad’s Army.

      But not for beat-ups. There is no justification for even one young man’s life [or woman’s] when it is a sham and a scam. Ashton and Co, with Blair, should be on trial for war crimes.

  2. smoking hot
    March 25, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Why are you surprised? Our dear Yulia is known for her rage and is one cold calculating bitch. You got to admire her deviousness though … portraying herself with the peasant hairdo and attire. Not bad for a billionairess who came into Ukraine politics albeit unable to speak the language. Her fortune came from stealing from the very people she says she represents. Of course the likes of Cameron and that idiot Hague fall over themselves to be associated with her. She’ll play them for the braindead muppets they are. The whole thing is an f’ing farce!

  3. March 25, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Both Cameron and Hague were frightfully fed up that they didn’t get a ‘selfie’ with her……

  4. John
    March 25, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    And assassinations of Tymochenko’s political opponants in Ukraine have started as well, so I read elsewhere.

    Obama and Cameron picked a lovely horse to back with this one.

  5. Russ
    March 26, 2014 at 6:14 am

    Timoshenko confirmed that conversation wasn’t a fake.


    Phone call allows us to know what politicians really think of the situation. And where they lie to us.

    This is another example. Estonian Leader Paet says to Eshton that there is a rising number of facts that convinces us that snipers on Maidan was actually hired by Maidan leaders and not by Yanukovich. More over the fact that new Ukrainian government don’t even try to investigate the killing of more than 50 people from both Maidan and Berkut (special police force) urge us to think that they are was a part of this dirty action.

    Eshton – don’t care about it, because every one should be convinced that Yanukovich did this. For her, to accuse no investigation needed. This lady has lost her human face.

    According to the phone call Paet actually looked at the materials of the preliminary ivestigation of Doctors from Maidan. They show that both Maidan people and Berkut were killed with the same type of snier weapon bullets. More over the ballistics, camera recording of the moment of hit shows that snipers were seated in the buildings occupied by Maidan leaders.

    Killing people from both side rises the temperature of the boiling mob. And people from both side I likely to be ready for the bloody massacre on the street.

    This is their conversation:

    About ballistics of the bullets, snipers and “peacfull Maidan people”.


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