When we can’t even pinpoint the enemy, how can we deal with them?

This headline is not being reiterated here to reinforce what the deep-captured media is trying to do but rather to debunk it:

Britain faces food price rises, floods and deadly heatwaves

This is alarmism of the worst kind, so unnecessary.

Global banks issue alerts on China carry trade

Meanwhile, what is supposed to be the good news is faked:

Osborne: Britain is walking tall again

Following various posts here on the Farage/Clegg debate, I was written to by a sensible person who asked WTF I thought I was doing giving any column space to that farce, buying into the “who’s four points ahead of whom, who’s slipped back, who’s gained” when the whole thing is a farce about which personality is more popular to the easily swayed masses than which.

And that’s quite right too because the realpolitik – that we have no power to change things in our “democracy” – that the reins are and always will be in the hands of those playing one lot off against another and people taking sides – that is the reality of political power. The red party versus the blue party versus the yellow party versus the purple party.

Even the EU itself is run by these people and the whole EU out debate, seen in this context, makes the battle hardly seem worth casualties over – the same people will be in charge. And to think Cameron is actually going to honour the referendum promise that far away – 2017 – then please see the opening headline at the top of this post.

So what can one do – NOT try to support extracting ourselves from the EU? Lie down and die?

Just what we have achieved, collectively? Well, I think we have definitely increased the numbers of the sceptical in ten years, to the point that maybe 30% of the electorate are now deeply sceptical of anything at all any politician says.

Yes but what measurable progress have we made?

Sigh, yes, OK, you win.

And yet I, for one, simply don’t accept it. You can’t lie down and die, just because they have the game sewn up. These people do make errors in their cleverness – still think the internet has been a double-edged sword for Them, even if it has brought universal hardcore porn to every child at an early age – more marriage and family undermining, of course, growing up with absolutely f***ed values, if you’ll excuse the black pun.

And the New Scribes – us – we’re running around chasing our tails and fighting one another over niceties – left/right, EUphobe/Europhobe, mafiaphobe/homophobe, racist/sexist/PCist. Meanwhile, how are the PTB or Them affected? Not in the least.

Once they’ve squeezed the EU wheeze [which could never have worked] for all it’s worth and done the maximum damage, it will be onto a new issue of the day for the masses to fall out over.

But against that, very real damage is being done. The EU alone needs no further attack here as it’s all been said on these pages and elsewhere. PCism alone has done untold damage and cost billions of our pounds and for what – to ban children playing conkers?

If you think there’s no clear message in this post, arrived at by a series of logical steps, you’d be absolutely right – there is no logic to any of this beyond the agenda of Them.

In visible form, we could point to Agenda 21 to at least establish that there is an agenda. Or to the IPCC, the captured “scientists” like Mann who are pumping out Them’s alarmism.

I can point out – and back it up – that WTC7 clearly imploded and there is evidence for that and NIST lied but I’ll either be torn down or those who do see it then sigh and ask, “So what?” David Kelly. So what? Hillsborough coverup. So what?

All we do is feel aimlessly angry at Them and at each other. So is the answer to simply ignore it all – don’t worry, be happy? High on our medication, we say, “Just let it all go by – you can’t do anything, I can’t do anything.”

And if you want to know what brought all this on, it was the headline at the top of the post plus Tom Paine’s last post.

Wasting our time

Let’s focus now on a monumental waste of time – I wrote to IPJ that it was was an “utter wankfest”. Here is the pdf if you want it – we’re not going to waste site space.

Headed UN Global Pulse Annual Report 2013 – sigh, yes, it’s another set up organization for wasting taxpayer money from developed nations. In glossy colour, no expense spared, it waffles on and on about what wonderful things they’ve done – here’s a sample:

global pulse 1

… and then it comes to data protection and privacy. Aha – finally we get to it, finally we read the specific measures in place to protect us … or do we:

global pulse 2

Not a sausage on anything which might have safeguarded us. Waffle, waffle, waffle, with free and very expensive lunches for all.

More than waffle though – these people control education now worldwide, via the IB and other seemingly noble but actually value-loaded programmes, which is just papering over the now discredited World Core Curriculum, which was my first post at OoL.

When we can’t even pinpoint the enemy, how can we deal with them?