You’re Right, Unnamed Harrow Resident, It Is ‘Utterly Barmy’…

…but not for the reason you give:

One Harrow resident said: ‘We live in a society where a cabbie can be told not to fly the St George flag in his car or people can’t display them in offices. And yet this guy gets away with posting a picture of Saddam Hussain in his window. It is utterly barmy.’

You should be standing firm with him and demanding the same rights for yourself, and driving off the council scavengers by refusing to back down, just like Mr Al-Hamdan.

Cllr Hall said: ‘We have had several members of the public complain and ask what the council can do about it. The short answer is we are limited in what we can do.‘The police have also, we understand, been to the restaurant but the owner gave them the same response. The council is currently considering whether there are any options it could look at.

‘For example whether this picture constitutes a potential breach of the peace – but again that is more a police matter.

Tell the police to take the sex & travel option too…

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  1. April 6, 2014 at 1:27 am

    If he wants SH in his window, it is his business. Complainers are the ones breaching the peace. (breach;breech?) Or they can just know the picture hanger for the sort of person he is.

    More folk should just tell the ordering jobsworthies to get knotted. In a peaceful way of course. Perhaps a puzzle offer. “Re-arrange the following into a well known phrase or saying…. F.O.F.D.O.S.”

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