Anatomy of an MSM beat-up

Here’s a perfect example, in detail, of how public opinion is manipulated.

We’re not talking lies per se but we’re certainly talking distortion to the point the reader is left with the opposite impression to the truth. The article is in the Telegraph and is about the Kharkiv mayor who was shot.

The headline is wickedly misleading:

Kharkiv mayor shot in assassination attempt as sanctions imposed

“As sanctions imposed” suggests that that is the motive and therefore, the only ones who would be unhappy with sanctions would be the Russians. Ipso facto, though it doesn’t state it as such, the conclusion is that it was a Ukrainian mayor shot by a Russian.

Actually, it was the diametric opposite – Gennady is a Russian name and this city is in the Russian speaking region. It was a pro-Russian mayor who was shot in the back. Who by? By a Russian? Hardly. By the Right Sector thugs? Their thing is intimidation more than shooting people in the back.

There is one other group there – the CIA/NATO/US/EU and the former have form. Shot in the back – can’t be identified.

Then came the neutral statement:

The statement made no comment about the identity of the attackers or the circumstances of the attack.

But this was also stated:

Kharkiv is a major industrial and university city just 20 miles from the Russian border.

The Telegraph and Mail have already presented slanted report after slanted report in an attempt to turn people agin Russia for its temerity in making the CIA/NATO/US/EU look foolish. Was there anything more ridiculous than Kerry threatening Putin?

So, even though it doesn’t state it, the idea is “Kharkiv mayor shot”, “town close to Russian border”, ipso facto ….

Except that once again, it is not so, that’s not the way it is.

Now comes the Telegraph’s own “related articles section” slap bang in the middle of the text, not at the end or to the side. And what are those articles?

related articles

Only the last one could be construed as anti the western leaders. The rest were sticking it to Russia.

And only now, halfway through the article, do they say:

Mr Kernes is a member of former president Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of the Regions, and has been mayor of Kharkiv since 2010.

Pro-Russian mayor.

Now it’s Obama says, then Ukrainian interior ministry says.

Have you heard anything from the Russian side yet in the article?

Then it goes into pro-Russian activists taking buildings and holding hostages. There’s a lot of this sort of accusation. Where are the accusations of murder though?

There aren’t any because there’ve been none by that side. The murders have all been by the Ukrainian or western side and my money is on the CIA/NATO/US/EU. Remember Kosova and the Balkan issue? Remember when NATO entered, it suddenly turned murderous?

And what do people say who don’t know the ins and outs? “Oh, they’re both as bad as each other.”

No they’re not. The Russians didn’t open fire on both sides in Kiev, they haven’t carried out “anti-terrorist” operations [hit squads].

What they have done is intimidate and throw their weight about – that’s typical Russian. They didn’t overthrow an elected president. They did influence the Crimea to hold its referendum.

And no, not at gunpoint. It’s like you holding a gun at my head and saying, “I order you to drink that beer after work” or “I order you to support the UK.” I mean, 58% of the Crimeans were Russian speakers.

Oh and by the way – there’s no comments thread to the article. Wonder why.