There seem to be ongoing tech issues at OoL, not enough to do something drastic and yet annoying. Whenever I try to resolve them, I’m told it’s a form of madness to keep asking the same question.

Yet we get feedback that people can’t get into the site at times, can’t comment, that the site shuts down from time to time. Every time I’m shut out, there’s a window with a child’s diagram saying “You”, “Cloud in Warsaw”, “Site server”, with the latter having a big red cross beneath it. There’s a number – 522 or whatever. As nice a shifting of responsibility as you could hope not to see.

As it’s usually the morning, between 7 and midday it happens to me – precisely the time I want to post at OoL – I suspect it’s something to do with overload and they have no time for us during those hours. Who TF knows? There are too many other things to do in life at the moment.

So, Julia and I have been getting our stories together on this and it seems she has issues too. Perhaps you have, perhaps not. I suspect, in my case, it might be old equipment at fault – my Mac is from 2007.

As I say, who knows? Neither Julia nor I have the tech expertise and those with such expertise are not offering. We’d be interested to know if there are issues with visitors or not. If there are, we might have to definitively act. If it is just us, then we’ll soldier on.

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  1. Rightwinggit
    April 28, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I’ve had post hangups in the past, testing..

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