At the beginning of this issue, my Russian correspondent immediately pointed to the past history of the Ukraine and the history of this Right Sector group.

US and EU supported Ukrainian Nazis, provided money to them through grants for more than 20 years already.    Now they provide weapons to them as well.

Who are these Ukrainian Nazis?    They were fully supported by Hitler.   They carried out a holocaust on their teritory before Hitler came.



Consequences for the EU and US:

§  Now EU, US, World Bank is going to supply and incubate new Fascist Country.

§  Russia probably will stop any support of illegitimate Ukrainian Government.

Consequences for the population there:

§  Jewish people will leave this territory. Nazis will start killing them – simple.(http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/world-news/the-jewish-world/after-the-revolution-in-ukraine-jews-fear-anti-semitic-government-3911)

§  Russians started to leave this territory to more safe regions of Ukraine or Russia. (60-70% of Ukranian population has relatives in Russia. 30% of Russian population has relatives in Ukraine.)

Then came Odessa and I’ve had material in the Russian language for some days but that was no use to you, the reader. Realizing this, Rus found a translation here and the story is gruesome.

The initial part you can see in the vids of the incident – how the tents of the pro-Russians are burnt, how they realize that this time it’s murder on the agenda by Kiev. So they rush for the trades union building to barricade themselves inside.

Then we see molotovs thrown in and the building starts to burn. The official figure of people working in the building, plus the pro-Russians, is in the 40s.

That’s as far as my posts went.

However, that only paints half the picture. In fact, the building had already been prepared, with locked firedoors, locked other doors and barricades inside. Right Sector were spread throughout the building and on top of it as well [see insignia]:


I can’t run the shots of burnt bodies but a curious [if that is the word] thing became apparent with many bodies – they were not protesters but workers in there and often the head and shoulders are charred but if you look about, the wooden doors, flooring and furniture show no signs of fire damage. This was the equivalent of the ANC necklacing.

Not only that but none were spared- and in particularly nasty ways:


That pregnant lady appeared to have been strangled and perhaps other things. What is clear is that those carrying out the atrocities were running rampant through the building and the people inside had been kettled. This is a militsia technique.

Pictures are shown later of these people leaning out of upstairs windows with Ukrainian flags.

This was simply a pogrom. The numbers were way higher than the 40+ reported. And where is the western MSM coverage of this? I would venture to say you’re getting this at OoL and NO only at this time and only because of my former circumstances.

My correspondent Rus warned of it when the CIA/EU got enmeshed with the Right Sector, descendants of the nazis. He warned Jews to get out of there now.

Kiev is constantly talking of Russia about to attack, that civil war is nigh – show me any report of mass killing by any pro-Russian groups. From start to finish, this thing has been a beat-up.

Sadly now a series of massacres from one side. And what does the west say? It says Ukrainian sovereignty is being violated. It says nothing about protection from what you can see on that page.

Yet if Russia once crosses that border, it will be like Israel entering any Arab country. Rockets can rain down on Israeli territory – that’s OK – but if Israel retaliates, all hell breaks loose from the UN to the western press.

This is where we are.