Enough dung flung over a long enough time …

One would like to think that the latest from the Mail against Farage can be dismissed as it should be – after all, an ex-UKIPer from the early days, professor at the LSE – LOL. It’s not the scrapings from the barrel now, it’s the barrel itself.

So yes, it would be nice to think the electorate is intelligent enough to see through the constant ad hominem invective [I did not make a selection of views here, it was not the highlights – it was the upper bunch of comments screenshot as they were]:

ukip attack

However, the MSM knows its target readership and viewership, it knows, as Goebbels did, that enough dung flung over a long enough period will cut into support. It shouldn’t because it’s the policies which should count but they’re not aiming at the policies, are they?

The policy says immigrants are welcome but in a controlled manner at the border and somehow that’s not extreme enough for them. So they try to tie UKIP to the BNP but UKIP counter with a notice for anyone seeking membership that no one from a known extremist organization may join.

So they have to search elsewhere and a good ploy is to say Farage used the N word way back when – the good old Jeremy Clarkson ruse. It worked on Clarkson, why not on Farage?

I wonder how many people who were not intending voting UKIP have seen this display by the PTB in the past few weeks and are now beginning to wonder about the vitriol every day.

And to put in one of my own here – which organization do you know in society, whose motto is “leading beyond authority” and who uses NLP in its training of ambitious wannabes, might come out with these sorts of hardball tactics? Hint – the letters are CP.

My final question of readers – as a single voter in a remote corner of England, just a little man saying a lot – I don’t much care whom you vote for other than the LibLabCon – if you don’t like UKIP, then fine, it’s still a free vote – but on this unholy trinity into these sorts of tactics – can you really, in your heart of hearts, vote for one of them, the LIbLabCon?

Regulars at this blog know I’ve been involved in the “anyone but the Big Three” campaign, meaning exactly what it says – anyone. Could be an independent, some local issue, UKIP, whatever. That’s your issue in your own constituency.

But the behaviour of the Big Three this time round has meant that this little man in a remote corner of England who has a history of voting Conservative in the last 40 years and occasionally protesting with a vote for an independent has now been forced by the Big Three into actually voting UKIP this time round and for the foreseeable.

Not just that either. Imagine UKIP fades away in twenty years. I’ll still not vote for any of the Big Three [or perhaps Big Two again by then] ever again. Not unless the Tories split and only true conservatives are allowed into a reconstituted Conservative Party.

Thank you, Dave, for making that abundantly clear – I was still a little confused, even relatively recently. And as for Red Ed, successor of Bliar and Broony … And as for crying Cleggover … sheesh, what a choice.

3 comments for “Enough dung flung over a long enough time …

  1. Judd
    May 19, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Its a gamble for them, but they know how ingrained the reliance on the MSM that whole swathes of the country now are.

    There will be many who see through the bollocks, the attacks, those who can still think for themselves.

    But many after a lifetime of being told how to think and what to do will take on board as totally true the testimony of anyone crawling out of the woodwork who will say something, anything, detrimental, doesn’t matter how irrelevant or unimportant…every little helps apparently…if its printed by the press or especially if the state broadcaster says so it must be true.

    For many of us the bullying and wholesale propaganda tactics has only re-inforced our commitment to vote for UKIP, whether enough people remain steadfast under this onslaught remains to be seen.

    I’ve noticed on forums i use, nothing to do with politics, that new posters eager to whip up anti UKIP hatred have been popping up regularly, usually Tory propagandists on the ones i use, Tory Central must really be worried the amount of trouble they are going to.

    If this is how the three main parties and their media acolytes behave as the european elections loom closer, the run up to the general election next year when the present cabal stand to lose their grip on power will really be something to behold.

    None of the Above will no longer do, they have divided and ruled for long enough and the damage they have done is almost irreparable, voting for just anyone apart from the main three would suit them fine, divided, ruled.

    WE, those who want our country back, have to unite under an alternative banner, not voting means the same three claim victory even if only a handful of people voted for them.



  2. Voice of Reason
    May 19, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    James – could you clarify what a ‘true conservative’ is?

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