Political Activism, Stupidity Or Just Bloody-Mindedness..?

When a headteacher is involved it’s kind of hard to tell, isn’t it?

Amanda Buck, who heads up Scott’s Park Primary School near Sundridge Park, stopped visitors from parking at the designated polling station this morning.

Chairman of Bickley Conservatives, Kevin Taylor, said he went down to the school after receiving several complaints from locals.

He thinks it was a deliberate attempt to deter voters and believes it may have been a protest against certain political standings.

I can’t imagine what that could mean…

Bromley Council this afternoon confirmed the news but said the issue was “fixed very quickly” .

A spokeswoman said: “It happened this morning. We had a phone call. The headteacher had locked the gate when they were not meant to.

“We made a quick visit down there and sorted it out. As soon as we were informed that the gates to the car park at Scott’s Park School were only being opened on request, one of our electoral team visited the school and arranged for the gates to be opened permanently throughout the day.

“The gates allowing pedestrian access were open throughout. There is no requirement for a polling station to provide a car park, however we do try to secure some onsite parking wherever possible.”

Now, who is most likely to need a car to vote? Elderly people, perchance? And how are such people likely to vote?

So you can see why inconveniencing them might be considered a political bias…

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  1. May 24, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Our old poling station was a youth club near the town with a large car park (the one the Gyppos keep camping on), but it’s now been changed to a church annex on a one way system with only residential on street parking.

    I’m sure there’s no conspiracy here, but it is a more annoying.

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