To implement Brexit, first let’s drop the egos on the sceptic side

As usual, it was the comments on Daniel Hannan’s piece which were classic but for once, so was the piece itself and I’ve saved to Word the ten points Daniel made – sure UKIP have too.

When all is said and done, what it comes down to for me is one commenter, when he wrote:

“But the UKIP Vote will fall back next year as people concentrate on the choice between Cameron and Milliband” – every time I hear this one, I become more determined not to choose between arsenic and cyanide and vote for Farage instead.

This was the mood I felt yesterday from many people.   We do not like being treated as fools. People are manipulated, yes, but when you start rubbing their noses in it and mocking, as these three idiots are doing, when you have not the slightest interest in straight-talking, then people don’t like it.

By a a cynical quirk, the disgust with our politicians can, for the astute observer, mean something more.   Harry commented at NO a couple of days ago:

James, knowing what you know, does the fact that Farage, his father, grandfather and his two sons work, or used to work, in the ‘city’ cause any doubts? Or that he himself has been given the freedom of the city. He’s also vowed to protect and defend it. Then, just for good measure, he appears to be a freemason.

The city is, of course, the centre of the usury and debt that plagues us. I’m afraid Farage and UKIP, just like the BNP before, has been built up by a frenzied press and shows all the hallmarks of controlled opposition. I just can’t imagine someone who wasn’t a safe pair of hands being granted such a high profile.

This cannot be ignored.   In the charisma of Nige and in that arms outstretched, people’s army stance:

nige says thank you

… are the seeds of worry for a few people.   I see the need, in the short term, for UKIP to be a party, even though in another breath, they say they’re a “movement” but as Harry refers to obliquely, there is something a bit suspect the way the media has now fallen away from the vitriol and the headlines, starting with the Independent two days ago, becoming grudgingly admiring.

Yes, I do see a hand behind this, as does Harry and as do quite a few of the astute, sitting back and observing, rather than getting caught up, yea or nay, in the UKIP roll.    Don’t get me wrong – I’ll still put my cross next to UKIP’s name for the foreseeable, as I’ll never in my life vote for a party headed by Cameron, Miliband or Clegg. And as for many of you, it will be sweet to see the Big Three get a kicking today, if it eventuates.

Human beings are complex creatures – we can know something is spin or a beat-up and still embrace it – hence people who actually voted Labour – what sort of mind does a thing like that, aside from benefits claimants?   Because Labour certainly doesn’t operate for the workers’ benefit.

And yes, we do want out of the EU, the EU itself knows how bad it is, they must be amazed anyone would still support an outfit which hasn’t had its accounts signed off for 19 years and has unelected communists at its head.   And yes, this vote today, even if Nige comes second to Labour by a few percentage points, does make clear to anyone with a brain that the people of this land are not happy with things – at least it formalizes what everyone knew anyway.

And so let’s come to this little exchange last evening on Twitter:

brexit and egos

I was speaking with David two days ago and he pointed to a very easy way out of the EU without all the hullabaloo we’re going through at the moment.   The key, if not the whole package, is in the Flexcit proposals – enter that in search at EU Referendum.    Yes, I know Richard North has been acting a right pillock of late, as has Autonomous Mind and yet within those Flexcit proposals, which do take some studying, is the Brexit route.

I dearly hope Harry’s fears are wrong on this occasion and that UKIP do genuinely look at that as a way out, complicated though the proposals are.    I’m going to send them to UKIP anyway to see what the party says.    There is also a fear that a referendum would be stacked, the preparation of the people and the leading question devised very carefully to produce an In.


Aside from the issue of withdrawal itself and the Brexit strategy is that there are too many egos involved on the sceptic side, as the Twitter exchange illustrates.    I’m quite friendly with this lot:


… and yet it’s a concern, this “spearheading”.    Every time someone does very good work, as Robert Oulds does, no question, as does Richard North, let’s give Richard his due – the egos get in the way and this person or that person have to “spearhead” or “lead” the debate.

This is one of the things which killed off the Albion Alliance in 2010 – the perception that we were three egos punching above their weight.    I can only speak personally and just as Richard North has stated about himself, I couldn’t care less about any spearheading role – if anyone sees anything in this post or OoL or my site or in some other blogger’s, the personality is totally irrelevant.   I do not wish to head anything and I sure am not going to copyright something and charge people to see it because I’ll be told to get knotted.

Britain is a place full of egos – all of us have them.   I was told by a worthy chap that I was “overweeningly arrogant”.   Maybe but he had to have had a large ego himself in the first place to have thought of the word “overweening”.   And why not – he deserves to be proud of where he is.    We are all egos in this land of ours – we all think we’re near the top of the food chain.

Where it gets in the way is where we cannot combine because of those egos.

I’m not explaining well and even in that statement, many of you are asking about the “I’m” – who the hell are you, Higham?   A little man punching above his weight who needs to be slapped down a couple of pegs or better ignored.

But even in that reaction is ego on the part of the person thinking it because that mindset has an A-lister, B-lister, Z-lister hierarchy of who should be listened to or not.   Why can’t I come out with a few ideas now and again?   Why can’t you for that matter?   Why say, “Who the hell are you anyway,” when it is irrelevant in the scheme of things?    The only important thing is that the ideas are looked at and voted on.

This is what David and Goodnight Vienna are trying to say.   I’d like to see one of those “spearhead” the Brexit.   David is deeply involved on the inside, I’m only marginally involved.    
In other words, I don’t give a damn who is doing it, let’s just be shut of all this “spearheading” and “leading”, OK?

Let’s drop all this “movers and shakers” stuff, extract it from the debate.  Let’s drop all this quiet marginalization of people we don’t like personally and don’t wish to give any credit to.    From Sean Gabb to Longrider to … I don’t know … anyone … let all of these, every single sceptic blogger, every single reader with an idea – let all of these come out in a push which fills Twitter, fills out blogs and social networking.

Let’s seriously consider all sane ideas for Brexit, whoever had them.

And then hotly debate the ideas, not the person having them.

Let’s just extract the digit and work together, putting aside our own egos, our own hurt pride, our own personal advancement plans.   Let’s not even take offence at that last sentence because it is irrelevant in the scheme of things – the idea behind it rather than the people it offends is the only important point – the sole point worth looking at.

As Canned Heat indicated.

Personally, I’ll still be delighted if Nige’s lot edge ahead of Labour this evening but that’s just me – you may differ but none of that alters that we should be working together on Brexit.

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  1. Peter Whale
    May 25, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Very well said. Anyone who is stating and heading in the direction of getting the UK out of the EU should be used and applauded never denigrated.

    If the Brexit plan issued by Richard North is the best starting point as I think it is as the man is a great researcher, let that be the rallying point and way to go. Richards history with Farage gets in the way of people who want change and see UKIP as a way of fragmenting the Liblancon it also alienates people away from Richard.

    I have always thought that the blogosphere has a great diversity from Longrider, Devils Kitchen, The last Ditch, Anna Raccoon, I used to love the Reactinary Snob and the Greek Baby.

    James if someone like yourself made an appeal to them to host a once a month letter from yourself in collaboration with others that pushed an out agenda and they asked others to put that same letter on all their readers websites it could easily Snowball as was seen in Italy.
    Best of luck

    • May 25, 2014 at 10:19 am

      Not sure about myself, Peter, as I’m personally disliked by many but someone such as David Phipps is non-divisive. You can be sure though that something like this will happen. There’s a lot on the table going to happen this next fortnight behind the scenes [birdy told me] and some sort of approach will come out of it a bit after that.

      It must happen and will happen.

  2. mona
    May 25, 2014 at 8:44 am

    UKIP will now have Godfrey Bloom types getting into position ready to shoot their mouths off with accidently-on-purpose media bait near the next election such as Blooms sluts remark, knowing full well most people thought sluts to be whores, so UKIP be on guard.

    • May 25, 2014 at 10:12 am

      I agree with much of what you write, Mona and on Bloom you’re quite right. There’s no place for extremism in all of this.

  3. James Strong
    May 25, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Egos are found everywhere, some people are more interested in holding the title of ‘Chairman’, ‘President’ or ‘Leader’ than carrying out the duties of those jobs.
    It happens in all sorts of groups, although not in every group of each type: tennis clubs, U3As, amateur dramatic societies (possibly the worst),ramblers groups etc. as well as in politics.
    I don’t know any of the people you mention, but if any of them are suspected of wanting titles rather than work then keep them marginalised.

    But I think we have to support UKIP. I hope they will put forward different speakers for the media in the next year, and that they publicise more of their policies.

    For me the most important thing is to get out of the EU. I like the idea of a number of UKIP policies, but nothing is as important as the fact that we cannot remove from office those who make our laws.

    • May 25, 2014 at 11:59 am

      AK Haart commented, at my place: “Yes and it’s the straight talk which chimes with me – I’m so tired to the lies and evasions. It doesn’t matter if he turns out to be a dud, he brings important issues to the fore.”

  4. adams
    May 25, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    UKIP are prepared to take the article 50 option as NF has said .
    The Norway EFTA option advocated by cuddly Richard North still means the free movement of labour which is unacceptable to many of us given we are already swamped with mass immigration .
    Two years and then we are out , negotiations can still continue .
    hopefully the EU construct will collapse very soon anyway .

  5. Hereward unbowed.
    May 25, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Parallel rhymes.

    I took many years, eventually Rome became so decadent, rotten to the core, factionalized – it was ripe, and easy pickings for the northern horde.

    The Empire of the Imperial Eagle, based on the seven hills, was reviled by everyone, from conscripted foot soldier, street whore, to slave and peasant but revered by the cosseted rich, the members of the ClUB aka vested interests – the wealthy merchant classes Europe wide who long after bemoaned the fall of the western Empire in +/-AD 410.

    It should be noted, that Rome only lasted that long, because the opposition was so rent, a division born of anger, petty jealousies and rivalries.

    I heard today, sometime, that Mark Twain said, “history doesn’t repeat itself it rhymes”

    Divided, it is not a good place to start.

  6. Junican
    May 26, 2014 at 3:39 am

    I don’t understand.
    The EU is the product of a treaty or treaties. The UK does not need to formally withdraw from the EU. It can simply lapse the treaty. That is, it can simply stop paying its dues; it can simply ignore directives; it can simply send representatives to meetings who say nothing, or not attend at all. It seems to me that Cameron et al do not know these things.
    But what would be the consequences? Would the EU States expel the UK or declare war upon the UK? But how can the elite in the EU do anything? They have no power. It would be necessary for France and Germany etc to declare war on the UK.
    But one might ask whether the World Bank and/or the EU central bank could declare financial war on the UK. I doubt it because these organisations are as corrupt as is possible. The corruption depends upon secrecy, and these organisations would not want their activities to be examined.
    If a party to a treaty stops engaging in the activities in the treaty, the treaty lapses as far as that party is concerned. Other parties can continue with it if they wish. In fact, a party can discontinue involvement in only a specific area of the treaty.
    It seems hard for many people to understand that the whole EU is dependent upon a mere treaty.

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