The image we’re left with from these elections

Time for a bit of sober reflection, a bit of perspective in the [not so] cold light of day today. The definitive account of these elections is probably at Guido’s.

In these days of the political image replacing the well thought out argument, it will probably be the bacon butty which remains.

For me though, just as one commenter at Guido’s pointed out, it was the sight of that woman with a large red rosette standing within shot at Nigel’s “victory” speech:

farage euro speech

There are so many things to reflect on there and it summed up the election like no other image could.

First, Nigel – the reason he won was over immigration, not the EU. The EU is his personal thing. It’s ours too [the online activists] because we know just how destructive it’s all been, that project and just how hoodwinked our fellow Brits have become – and in fact still largely are.

Nigel has still not sold Brexit to the great mass of people as yet – the people voted for him mainly on 1. immigration and 2. the arrogant and patronizing attitude of politicians who won’t listen. David Phipps is right in saying it’s about more direct democracy, to the point the “leaders” actually listen to our voices.

Yet Nigel, on his Brexit hobbyhorse – his real reason for being in the game – mentioned only that and not the other things which had his party elected to places in the EU. And to an extent, fair enough – it was an EU election anyway, was it not? Yet I felt he should at least have mentioned the other things which had moved people to vote for him.

Then came his “people’s army” language – does he think he’s a general and we’re his army? If he does, he’s sadly mistaken. If it is an army, it’s an entirely volunteer army in which the hierarchy is upside down and if he tries to come the Westminster politician, that “army” will disappear into the ether whence it came.

If he has an army, then it’s a highly critical army and will dump him the moment the party starts to go all Westminster over us. I’d like to think UKIP are well aware of that.

The last point on Nigel was the angry face. He still hasn’t learnt that though we’re all angry – the Angry Army if you like – and for very good reason indeed, nothing whatever to do with whipping up “hatred” and “fearmongering” – it might not be so good to be angry at the “victory” speech.

Still, for all that, well done UKIP … so far.

On to the Labour woman. As some pointed out in the wee hours at Guido’s, what an arrogant, ignorant, ill bred woman with no graces, no understanding in the least of why all this has been happening and with that utter leftist conviction that the dystopia they wanted for us had been so roundly rejected by the people as a whole.

A couple of their lot put tweets up: “God help us!” and similar. Interesting how they suddenly find God in their hour of need but deny Him the rest of the time.

And looking at that dystopia of the Islamic thugs and Romanian gangs which many of that soft left have not the slightest idea they’re aiding and abetting – they truly believe they’re promoting a fairer and more tolerant society when, in reality, actually promoting the opposite by playing into the hands of the PTB who are playing them for fools – they see a dream smashed by people of this land, ordinary people, who want no further part in this social engineering.

To be a bit coarse here – it f***s with their minds, the Labourites, Guardianisti and all their entourage. You see, they’re so utterly convinced the Narrative is right and good, that they are actually the purveyors of good, that Farage must seem to them the very anti-Christ. Go into my “testimonial” page and you’ll see precisely that charge laid against your humble correspondent for that very crime – promoting a saner Britain with a bit of perspective.

Let me quote the noble feminist:

Have you ever considered that you might be the Anti Christ? Mad, full of hate, mysogynistic, just plain weird. Man, you tick all the boxes. You are one insane son of a bitch. Bitter. And left as scrap.

Has she ever considered how she comes across to sane people, unchoked up with bile? And so it has been throughout this whole campaign for Nigel, UKIP and the exasperated EUsceptics in other parties.

The sad, lost souls of the Narrative will blame anyone, anyone at all, except themselves or the PTB manipulating them from the UN and the EU. 75% of laws made in Brussels? You wish – how about looking closer to New York and the UN itself with all its directives. But let’s not rehash old issues in this post.

So, in the way that that woman with the red rosette was exasperatedly shaking her head in disbelief lay the seeds of further doom for this society. The children of the Narrative – what, 40% of society? – include some who still come to my personal blog, as distinct from OoL and they must also be shaking their head in disbelief and trotting out the “politics of fearmongering and hatred” mantra, even now.

They simply will not, cannot bring themselves to self-examine. They will say the same about us yet we have a concrete statement for them now this Bank Holiday Monday – this result. Will they take it on board or will they try any rationalization they can to explain it away and prevent cognitive dissonance in their minds?

We, on the other hand – the ones who caused this thing to happen last night and over the past few days – we’re always self-examining. We’re never completely sure. The post on egos yesterday was all about self-examination – we do this sort of thing all the time.

And therein lies the very deep division in our society. Those Westminster pollies, their masters, the legion of accolytes they’ve fooled for so long, the left, Labour, half the LibDems, the EU, the UN, the IMF, the CFR, the TLC, the BIS, WHO, all of them – are lined up on one side and on the other side are UKIP, those who voted for it, plus the Tory rebels, Better Off Out, various other groups and then a large number of ordinary, apolitical people of the land whom the other side has been constantly insulting and saying the most outrageous things about these past months.

And those people are quietly furious.  Here is an example of the insanity we’ve been putting up with for so long:

left insanity

I would wager that, unlike the slow way normal people have come to see the truth of this matter, the ones still clinging to the exploded dream of the Narrative are still hanging onto the sides of lifeboats as this leftist project sinks into the deep blue sea.

And the more people like me write things like this, the more determined the children of the Narrative are to dig in and refuse to see that they should live and let live, let us live our own lives without their interference and hate politics – the very mantra they fling at us so lightly.

The left, from the days of Frankfurt, have progressively demoralized society with their social engineering and one election result is not going to reverse that. Nor will Newark, nor will GE2015.

Other bloggers will put the message of this post far more diplomatically, they’ll open their arms and welcome back those under the spell of the Narrative – good people at heart but misled – and I welcome them back too but they have to do their part first and see exactly why it is that so many voted this way on Thursday.

Just for once – forget all the left-liberal spin and examine why it really happened.

We wish Julia a speedy recovery from her flu.

3 comments for “The image we’re left with from these elections

  1. john in cheshire
    May 26, 2014 at 9:12 am

    James, I’d suggest that now, UKIP had better start to demonstrate that they can make a difference at a local level in order to build on the success of the EU elections in readiness for next May. If they just toddle off back to their respective homes and offices, never to be heard of until the next election then all the euphoria will be for nought. I’d suggest UKIP have to use the same techniques as the enemy; for example, the communists and fascists always have a presence, ostensibly doing some good, wherever there is a need in their electoral groups. Even the likes of the IRA and Hamas and even the mafia spend a little time and money to great benefit for their own ends by addressing the problems of ordinary voters. It’s cynical but it appears to work.

    • May 26, 2014 at 9:27 am

      Absolutely, as you say. They really must.

  2. Twenty Rothmans
    May 26, 2014 at 11:08 am

    What excellent manners. I’d wager that Nina Gill’s parents were just as shabby as the people who voted for her. Given the chance, I’d have paid good money to go around and drink her tears of disappointment as they tickled down that equibovine, treacherous, hatchet face.

    I’ve given up caring. No tactical voting for me.

    Voting Conservative only means that “I’ll just put it in a little bit”.

    I hope that the Predatress gets her razor-sharp claws back soon.

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