Is Roger Helmer for withdrawal from Europe?

We obviously have a different concept of reality, the group in society vaguely round the conservative/libertarian/live and let live point of view, as against those who want to take us into some new golden age and who aren’t particular about their methods [“progressives”], from unsolicited advice, to interference, to legislation, to violence if they don’t get their way.

A different concept too of what constitutes nefarious activity, of what good and bad are, even to the ones who are supposedly nefarious and who are the goodies.

May I start by thanking colleague JD for his raft of links on ALEC, the American organization, on Roger Helmer’s link with it and therefore, in their eyes, proof of the non-seriousness of UKIP as a party committed to independence.   Naturally, I disagree, seeing UKIP as a party which, in almost everyone’s minds, is exactly what it says – for independence from the EU.

Which is not to say ALEC over there in America is not nefarious – it may well be and subsequent reading on it, even through the filter of the leftist hatchet job which is the Wiki entry, still leaves questions to be answered and allegations unrefuted about its ties to big business.

Just a reminder that Roger Helmer was part of that in 2005, when still a Tory.  Whilst the leftist Wiki entry says he’s still part of it, there’s no evidence he is – it goes quiet on that point.

Even if he were, it’s obviously an honorary membership, just as my membership of a Swedish or Canadian organization must necessarily be.   Their manifesto is conservative – a good thing in my mind but a bad one in that of the progressives perhaps – and Helmer clearly, as a British Tory, felt honoured to be considered by them.

Or else he really is one of Them and planning dastardly federalist things in Europe, the opposite of what he purports to support.  Jury’s out.

We need a lot more evidence than the hatchet job of one David Lindsay who appears to be “guilty of” LibDem membership or so it seems, on the grounds that he attacks the Tories, Labour and UKIP but not the yellows.   And whose research is he using?

Why, none other than our old friends the CMD, one of the key leftist organizations in America, part funded by OMI and therefore Soros money and tied to the Marxist ACLU.

Just as the Greens were “infested” by socialist politics when they hijacked concern for the environment. The issue is not whether they were or not – they were, as wider reading shows – the issue is if this is bad or good.   “Marxist” or even “neo-Marxist” or “post-Marxist”, in my world, equals evil, the attempted destruction of western society but to others who believe in Karl Marx and the perfectability of the proletariat as its own God, it might seem a good thing.

And who is ALEC part funded by?   The Koch Bros of course.  You see how this is falling in regulation fashion into the American Left v Right war.   Which is not to say ALEC is off the hook yet.

What ALEC has done is use the global socialist push’s own tactics against it by influencing behind the scenes and the global socialists do not like that one bit, they’re crying foul, particularly as ALEC has had considerable success in influencing legislature in individual states in the U.S. This equals nefarious in the mind of the GSs, it means that their attempts at re-engineering society into a PCist federalist model with a Washington politburo, behind which is Them, e.g. in the form of a NAAC, hit a speed bump.

But states’ rights is not necessarily either right or left – it is simply shifting power from the hands Them in Washington to other members of Them within state legislatures. And on my reading, I’d have to agree with JD that ALEC, being involved in this, is a conduit for big business policies, intermingled with good conservative policies to keep it all palatable.

None of these organizations are exactly what “they say on the tin” [sorry to use that one]. ALEC says it “works to advance the fundamental principles of free-market enterprise, limited government, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.”

Its sworn enemy, the CMD, is “a liberal non profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. CMD is a self-described “non-partisan progressive watchdog group,” focused “on exposing corporate spin and government propaganda,” according to its Wiki entry. Key words are “liberal” and “progressive” which make it quite partisan indeed. They claim they are “people for the American Way” but which American way would that be?   Dictatorship of the proletariat?

One site debunking CMD writes: “It exists to investigate and malign conservative leaders, groups, and media. The Center for Media and Democracy spins the truth about conservatives and libertarians to push media and public opinion to the left. The Center for Media and Democracy often presents America’s right wing as engaging in grand conspiracies. The Center for Media and Democracy is funded by far-left ideologues including George Soros and the Ford Foundation.”

In other words, as has already been said, these are straight Left v Right battle lines.

Which still does not exonerate ALEC. Non-published membership list, legislative concerns far from supporting small and medium business, which in my own declaration of interest is my focus – their arguments for removal of constraints, e.g. on pollution, are a bit worrying.

Big business in itself is not bad but as even conservatives concede, crony capitalism is another thing, the likes of which Teddy Roosevelt opposed in the form of anti-trust legislation. As most know, it cannot be controlled, even under state socialism – see the USSR. Under any system, these people will rise to the top and collude in their own interests, rather than those of the people as a whole.

And the ordinary supporter is inadvertently supporting these people. Leftists unwittingly in many cases are supporting oppression in the form of suffocating legislation and the dead hand of socialism, even though they think they’re supporting freedom and good things. Conservatives and libertarians, in their calls for deregulation and freedom are also inadvertently ushering in crony capitalism, the antithesis of free market.

This has always been the dilemma on our side of politics – how to accept that big business does bring in the money to a nation when it’s not ploughing those profits offshore but at the same time, wanting to stop BB becoming interwoven with government in a series of PPIs.

To hope for that is almost as naive as hoping socialism will cure a society of its ills.

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  1. Viscount Rectum
    June 5, 2014 at 11:17 am

    In my view Roger Helmer wants revenge against the faux conservatives, and their top crime in my view gay marriage No 2 immigration,take your pick on the rest. As for curing ills and if you are from the third world try the NHS or the Benefits Agency that should help.

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