Cameron is junk

With Germany and Germany A [U.S.A.] doing so well in the WC, one can forgive the Germans for crowing over our gallant leader:

‘He lines up, he loses, he goes home’: Cameron branded ‘the Rooney of Europe’ by German press as Britain edges closer to EU exit after federalist Juncker gets top job

Let’s face it – Cameron is a career pollie who never had any interest in running the country, in the sense of helping the people – only in becoming leader.  Everything was about that, people saw through it and that’s why he didn’t get a majority in 2010.   Now, with Bacon Butty Beaker the alternative, he should be romping home in the polls but he couldn’t even do that in Newark.

Yet they all think it was a huge success in Newark.  I still have tweets from Tories and they’re seriously in cloud cuckoo land.  When I point out how bad Cameron himself is, they unfollow me.  They simply don’t wish to face that he’s a weak, vacuous man who bludgeons through pet legislation or perhaps legislation he’s told to bludgeon through – it was very EU/CP the way he did it.

He’s pathetic.  And the Tories of his wing have this loony idea that Brussels is somehow going to hand the UK back power.  November 1st will put paid to that.  Do you see the press running the 43 areas Brussels will take over?

The problem with UKIP playing the game and getting seats in parliament is that parliament is so uselessly corrupt.  They’ll get – what? – 12 seats?   And a UK wide movement of disgruntled people comes down to a handful of seats.  The threat is more dangerous than the actuality.  

It’s still the way to go in the interim but it doesn’t substitute for the real focus – more direct democracy.

3 comments for “Cameron is junk

  1. Lord T
    June 28, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    The movement has started. People are waking up and they can either solve the problem or delay until it becomes an unstoppable force. I think they are stupid enough to wait thinking it will blow over because of their charm and the fact that we have been sheep in the past.

    Once it starts instead of retirement they will be swinging from lampposts. I won’t shed a tear after the devastation they have left behind.

  2. cornishstu
    June 28, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    IMO the whole thing was just a show to try to make DC look good making a stand, when in reality who ever got the job would be of the the same persuasion driving the EU towards its planned conclusion. In other words a complete waste of time on DC’s part.

    • Junican
      June 29, 2014 at 12:21 am

      What you say sounds about right. Few people realise that the whole EU is founded upon sand. The sand is the treaties.
      No matter how formal the signing ceremonies may be, the fact is that they are just agreements in the form of, “If you agree to do this, then I’ll do that” In the case of the EU, the agreement is of the form, “Let’s all agree to do this”
      There is nothing to stop the UK from simply deciding not to implement EU directives. Just do not do it; just cut the UK’s budget payments, for example.
      The WHO FCTC (tobacco control) required the ‘parties’ to make financial contributions. Lots of the smaller nations have never paid a penny, and note that the USA, which never ratified the FCTC, has never been required to or paid a single dime. Even more countries have cut or failed to pay recent contributions. What can the WHO do about it? Well, precisely nothing.
      So, if the UK said, “Look, Mr Junker, we do not like you, so we are going withhold payments which support you and your costs”, what could the EU do about it?

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