Yes, And This Is Why Hoaxes Can Happen…

The family of a three-year-old girl, whose story of being asked to leave a KFC because the youngster’s facial scars were “scaring customers” went viral, are facing down claims that the entire thing was an elaborate hoax.

Well, it’s not unknown, is it?

However, a source supposedly close to the situation, who has spoken on the condition of anonymity, told the Laurel Leader-Call, that CCTV footage from the day the incident was supposed to have happened – 15 May – does not show any children in store matching Victoria’s description.

The source also claimed that the food order of mashed potato and sweet tea, which Victoria’s grandmother claims to have made that day, was not in the store’s system.

They also said that unwell or disfigured customers go to that KFC, in Jackson, Mississippi, fairly regularly with no trouble at all.

Ooops! And there were initial signs of doubt from the get-go:

The Victoria’s Victories Facebook page, which is run by the youngster’s aunt, Teri Rials Bates, had also initially stated that the incident happened in a different KFC branch, which had been shut down for several years. The family later corrected the location.

Maybe when they face a grand jury for child endangerment later this year, they can add fraud to the charges?

The family have since rejected the claims that it is a hoax and have appealed for people to withhold their judgements until the KFC investigation is finalised later this week.

“Please do not believe untrue media. I have personally watched this family go without to provide for Victoria. They have not and would not do anything to hurt Victoria in any way.”

Apart from, that is, leaving her with her grandad’s pitbulls?

According to Dick West, the president of a firm that runs one of the largest franchisees in the KFC chain, the company has pledged the funds whether it transpires that the incident was real or not.

You… you have to be kidding me?

Pay the Danegeld, but don’t be surprised if you are then overrun by Danes!

Update: Hoax confirmed.

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  1. Lord T
    June 28, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    The aptly named Dick clearly has no balls. He should be prosecuting them for whatever he can and lancing the boil.

  2. June 30, 2014 at 6:10 am

    As if there wasn’t enough to do.

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