“The area’s gone down”

With the wonderful start to the Tour de France in Yorkshire, crowds lining the roads etc., something to warm the hearts of this country and it sure could do with some good news – also comes other news from the area, brought here by Wiggia.


The twin sons of a prominent Bradford councillor have been given suspended custodial sentences after admitting an armed street attack.

Nineteen-year-olds Mohsin and Hassan Hussain – whose father is Keighley Central Labour Cllr Abid Hussain – had pickaxe handles, while a third defendant, Aqeeb Khalifa, was armed with a baseball bat during the attack.

Wiggia comments:

The plea from his solicitor:

Mohsin also admitted dangerous driving. His barrister, Yunus Valli, said his client was about to start his final year at university studying criminology.

It reads like a bad joke, but no doubt he will attain honors, after all he has the right credentials !

There’s a political line we should not cross. While we look at this in Bradford, Keighley and environs and also reflect on Tower Hamlets, Leicester and other places across the UK, it’s one thing going all extremist, taking to the streets and kicking the c*** out of these people because we don’t like their race or colour.

It’s quite another bitterly resenting the behaviour so many have brought to Britain, importing the way they’ve operated overseas and thinking it’s quite OK in our land which, though it had much to answer for itself, was still subject to the rule of law.

There’s that old one I heard in Russia and you can substitute any other country most like – a foreign journalist describes Russia as a cesspit and is set upon by commenters.  One indignantly says – it may be a cesspit but it’s OUR cesspit!

It’s not just these people bringing their ways we can do without, there’s another push on as well and that is PCism – not necessarily black or Muslim but just as debilitating. From criminals not getting due punishments, the innocent getting hit with the book, to ludicrous elfanasafetee, vindictive EU laws imposed by our own government on us – it goes on and on.

And the wide-eyed stares of one side of politics which asks what are you lot going on about? Are you racist/sexist/homophobe/ disablist/ageist or something? It’s a wonderful, tolerant society we now have.

Yep, we can see that in the streets of Bradford, Keighley and the like and in their councils.

I have a particular interest because that’s my ancestral home, that part of Yorkshire and those who watched the Tour de France would have seen that countryside. Last year, I was on the towpath by the canal leading towards Bradford and I asked someone about what had changed in the area, what buildings had come down, any new centres up? When I asked one of the lockkeepers, that was how the question was put.

“Well,” he said, “it’s not too bad back this way but once you get further in towards Shipley it starts going down and by the time you get to Bradford, you’re in a war zone.”

I hadn’t asked him anything about the blacks or Muslims but he sure volunteered it and it was the story from every person I then did ask with that open first question: “What has changed?”

First thoughts were that the whole of this part of Yorkshire had gone all racist in the past two decades but when little old ladies and shopkeepers were all saying the same thing, then clearly something had happened. For one reason or another, there were NOT good relations.

At one point, I asked about Keighley and how it was as an area these days. Not bad, I was told, in pockets, but it’s gone down a lot too. “Gone down a lot” usually means something specific now in that area of the country.

Where I live, touch wood, we still don’t have any of this.  Perhaps it doesn’t have the natural beauty of Yorkshire, perhaps the working class lads over this way are a bit of a tough nut to crack, I don’t know why.  The thing is – there are not these huge numbers of blacks/Muslims – you’d be lucky to see one or two in a fortnight passing through.  The crime in this area is local lads getting into nearby factories through the roof and nicking stuff.

It might be criminal but it’s OUR crime.

Around the corner is a Sri Lankan shopkeeper and his greater family keep interchanging through the shop – up from London, in from some other city. Most people don’t mind, they’re on first name terms with the Sri Lankans, the boss and I speak of this and that.

So what has happened in Bradford, Keighley and environs?

Two things it seems. One is sheer numbers from an alien culture coming into an area and two – acting as if they were back home and expecting justice to operate that way.

But always there is this ubiquitous PC push in this society, trying to turn it into a dystopia for the indigenous. No doubt some government backroom troll will monitor this post, along with any other blog in this corner of the sphere, looking for evidence of “hate crimes” against these delightful people mentioned in the court report at the top.

Did you see that there are STILL, apparently, around 35% intending to vote Labour and the same intending to vote Tory.

Why? In the name of all that is sane – why would you vote for one of those? When you look around places like Bradford and then at the politicians who have cause this to happen, then why on earth would you vote for them again?

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  1. July 7, 2014 at 9:36 am

    As one political commentator wrote, “They get exactly the government they dseserve!”

    Up where I live, in darkest County Durham, the county council has funnelled, through hidden grants, as well as the softest of soft loans, a total of over six million-odd quid to the County cricket club. All perfectly legal, all, or most of it publicised; but not one word of the close relationship between senior councillors and cricket directors; not one word of how the six million quid will probably never be repaid. Funny that!

    Furthe reading might be achieved at http://www.durhamtimes.co.uk/archive/2014/03/10/11063860.Chief_executive_outlines_the_challenges_facing_cricket_club/

  2. July 7, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Voting with feet and fists could replace our “democracy” one day…….

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