The Westminster paedo thing

What began in November of 1988 as an investigation by the FBI and IRS of a black man named Larry King, who was the president of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska for millions in missing funds, soon led to the exposure of a child abuse/sex slave ring that involved some of the most prominent community leaders in Omaha.

This included the former publisher of the Omaha World Herald, the then Chief of Police, the society editor of the Omaha World Herald, a former state senator, the head of the Nebraska Forestry Service, and the multi-millionaire heir to the Brandeis Department fortune.

Approximately 80 youngsters came forward and made allegations concerning sexual abuse, forced prostitution, and cult activities.

The closing of ranks was like the closing of a steel vault door. A new syndrome was invented – False Memory Syndrome. Over the next decade, every one of those principals who’d set up that foundation were either charged themselves or had some other dodgy further activity sheeted home to them. You can research that one under False Memory Syndrome debunked.

While it’s certainly a sticky wicket relying on child testimony made to clinical psychologists, a point seized on by the FMS people, it did result in one conviction and many involved at the time at least half-believe today the Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci version, as well as noting the disappearance of Johnny Gosch.

The reason so-called rationalists [or the closed-minded] so roundly rejected any of it at the time is that it brought in things like Bohemian Grove and used a word that one cannot use in any blogpost without being laughed out of the sphere – satanic. Doesn’t matter if a bunch of High Masons have a ceremony in which they bleed a goat or whatever – the word is a no-no. Doesn’t matter about the Knights Templar or that the Queen is a Welf or any of that – you cannot use that “s” word.

And yet look at Belgium, already posted on at OoL.

The difference was that there were convictions in that case, interrelationships between various members of the great and the good were established, it prompted public demonstrations of hundreds of thousands in Belgium. It was better documented in court and accepted than either of the Franklin or McMartin cases.

Then we can go to another one which OoL and my site have been on about for years – first seen in our sphere by blogger Prodicus – the distribution by the German Health authorities of a pamphlet, printed by Bertelsmann, with whom Merkel has a close relationship, in which parents were encouraged to have sexual contact with their toddlers.

In the last few weeks, we saw similar in Canada and as long as we look at all of these “incidents” as one-offs, we’ll never get the bigger picture. Not even the NHS and care-home scandals will sheet it home to the apologists and indulgers in it.

It’s always gone on. Let me name an airport – Omaha Air force base – which has been subject to many allegations of the trading of children over the years for the great and the good. I mean, why the incredulity? Hasn’t slavery been around since Roman times and before? What about the southern European trade in girls – or do all those Poles and Hungarian girls on porn sites just pop up of their own volition and trade around the world?

And so to our own home-grown affair, finally seeing the light of day:

‘Powerful elite’ of at least 20 establishment figures may have been part of paedophile ring that abused children for decades, claims whistleblower

I’ve been sent some material [thanks] which adds to this:

One, two

So there are some readers saying to themselves – amazing, never would have thought it and tinfoil hatters like me saying you only need look at things as diverse as Salon Kitty in Germany to Joy Division to the revelations of Svali to the wealth of documented evidence on these people.

And as for cover-ups, this country is a master at it – from David Kelly to 7/7, Diana, Blair’s WMD – it goes on and on – Hillsborough. My question is – why the incredulity? We already have no respect for pollies at Westminster – do we really think they’ll genuinely investigate this beyond the usual Hutton or whatever the enquiry will be called?

Well worn paths, these are.

Blogger and Tweeter Daniel Hendy has written on this matter in a letter:

Prime Minister,
Home Secretary

I look forward to the upcoming statement today in the House of Commons regarding investigating historic allegations of abuse.

Will you please consider your own involvement in any investigation. There is testimony in this publicly available interview (link below) which strongly suggests Special Branch and MI5 had information concerning routine and abhorrent cases of abuse; only a senior elected member of the cabinet can get to the bottom of such accusations, I therefore am emailing to implore you to make sure; and make widely public any evidence that might have been covertly obtained (possibly for purposes of investigation other than those pertaining to child abuse) be included and allowed to be considered for this inquiry.

Any public, expert or judge led investigation can not satisfactorily investigate up these channel effectively. You must show leadership and decree that this information come to light, and then follow up and ensure that your orders are followed in full.

video link:

The alleged activities at Elm Guest House do not seem to have fully come to light and to the average observer there appears to be a conspiracy of silence from within the British Establishment. It is hard to imagine that any more serious charge could be laid on the doorstep of HM Government and Police and Security Services.

Could I implore further that sunlight is the best disinfectant. At the heart of this are allegations of the grotesque behavior of human beings. Any historic cover-ups must be uncovered, and no subsequent cover-ups of information acceptable. Nothing less than full disclosure is in my humble opinion acceptable.

I trust you will act now openly and in the best interests of the people of the United Kingdom.

Daniel Hendy
UK citizen (living abroad)

As Daniel indicated, the PM’s being asked to investigate something close to home: “Only a senior elected member of the cabinet can get to the bottom of such accusations”.

Where does that leave, us, the common people?

Up that well known creek without a paddle. For if this is indeed what all the indicators say it is – a globally repeated affair – don’t forget the Jersey and Irish paedo cases – then anyone causing trouble is between a rock and a hard place. If this post and the plethora of blogposts out there get nowhere, then we’ll continue to bleat on and the hats will continue to be tinfoil.

But if anyone heeds this and realizes the extent of the rot at the top, in specific terms, then I’d not like to predict the future of any who bang on about it. There is a point, when the Guidos of this world get behind it, the Michelle Malkins, the HuffPosts [though they’re probably the last ones to bother], the Breitbarts, Anonymous and others – that it crosses a very dangerous line for Them.

The tribal voters will take a lot but they won’t put up with this sort of thing if it comes out in all its lurid detail.

At the moment this post goes out, comment on the matter is still not sub judice. When it becomes so, we might have to close comments.

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  1. July 8, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Good one.

  2. July 8, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    I’m going to run two comments which were at my place over here as well because they are to the point, full comments and add to the discussion.

    One is by Twisted Root:

    It is little understood what a powerful position an institutional abuser is in when discovered or confronted. Institutions are terrified of publicity and reputational damage and the consequent loss of livelihoods and destruction of careers. The institutional manager above all wants the matter dealt with quietly and the abuser knows it. An accommodation is reached, abuser leaves with a minor disciplinary and a reference and goes on to the next institution.

    It is not difficult to see it running out of control once higher up positions are obtained and protection comes from there as well.

    One can argue that the institution is wanting having employed the abuser in the first place but remember that he/she will have presented with a decent reference and a clean criminal record.

    And the other by Daniel 1979:


    Thanks for putting up a post. As a former blog admin I know there’s some areas which require a few extra deep breaths before the submit button is clicked. I wanted to add a few points.

    First, (as I said) thanks for publishing the email. In the spirit of full disclosure to NO readers I should add (not that James knew this at time of publishing) that I fired off the email and then forwarded a copy along – just in case.. Anyway when I checked back later I’d had an auto-response from the Cameron account I had found, which seems to be a pre-2010 account. Thus it would seem he did not receive it. I couldn’t find an alternative email address, only a webform which was limited to 10,000 characters which wouldn’t have worked and as my intent was for this to be pre-statement and was within a couple of hours of that taking place I left it as is.

    I assume that Theresa May’s P.A has received the mail however and though I have not received a response yet, I hope I do.

    Next, as my mail says I do think the investigation is a positive step but I harbor grave doubts of how effective it can truly be. There is information (seemingly) out there and available it is there to be investigated. Once you start checking around there is plenty of info on the who’s and the where’s. I named Elm House and referenced the link – I took the time to watch it and Googled some of the names and there is a neat pattern of circumstances in the intervening decades. Some of the stories are still up on the web; most could be read as a standalone story and not interwoven. Perhaps it is tin-foil hat stuff, but if it’s an elaborate lie, it is probably one of the best conceived ever. This isn’t McAlpine territory, where that was allegedly a mix up of people with the same or similar name.

    If anyone takes the time to watch the videos a cautionary note should precede doing so because one of them does recount (in discussion) some of the vilest most saddening acts of abuse I have ever heard. I want to ask that people watch them, I was going to say make your own mind up… But what is best is if I instead say I did just that yesterday, these videos and others, perhaps from a starting point of naivety but I was shocked, not just because of the names but because of the detail – and more so that it’s been something of an open secret and these poor kids were let down by any person who could of helped and didn’t. Thinking to that 1990’s interview with the whip which Guido ran earlier – their misery was “brownie points” to be traded. This is quite possibly the vilest most despicable thing ever and there was no place within our society they could go to for Justice and despite all the newsprint today my gut says they still won’t get justice. What kind of justice on this earth, and in our land could there possibly for the “London Video” boy?

    James makes a point, I too would call it Satanic. You don’t have to believe it, they just need to and even then it’s not a requirement.

    I am glad James covered it, but the source material where a l lot of investigation has already been done is Pie N Mash (@pienmashfilms on twitter) – that’s what I want to get out there. That’s what people should see. The investigation has already been done for the most part, the names are out there this is a question of whether the Establishment can now bring itself to recognize the horror it has harboured and put the people, or themselves first?

    My humble suggestion in a world of social media was a #hashtag to get these guys some prominence, but emailing links and encouraging other bloggers to post these would be good too (so please do).


    I’ll not run these at the parallel site as duplication is pointless in this case.

  3. john in cheshire
    July 8, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    It makes me wonder if Marieta Higgs was right after all.

    Also I believe that the NSPCC is to carry out an investigation; based on information on the Chris Spivey website, I’m not sure they are a suitable body for such an activity.

    • Viscount Rectum
      July 9, 2014 at 8:36 pm

      Chris Spivey is a very special person. there is not one piece of shite in government from Cameron down fit to lick his shoes, I do fear for his safety. Look him up.

  4. Voice of Reason
    July 8, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    It has been well-established by experiment that False Memories can not only be implanted, but those memories are more ‘real’ to the person than actual ones.

  5. wiggia
    July 10, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    We must be world leaders in inquiries, most either endless, very long, without any real conclusion and ultimately after enormous expense stating ‘lessons have been learned’.
    The Elm House inquiry is a good example, elsewhere enormous amounts of Police time and public expenditure are put in to prove (in the main) that elderly celebrities were touching up women and girls in the sixties and seventies when you either got away with it or received a knee in the proverbial s, why for instance has not a single rock star been charged when from the sixties on they have been shagging under age groupies on an industrial scale, there is if the inquiry is really serious a strange and I would suggest easy targeting of perpetrators, it all stinks of a smoke screen for the establishment.
    Yes there obviously was a much more serious side to child sex abuse, yet where are the resources for that in comparison with the Yew Tree investigation which despite it’s “unlimited” resources has failed miserably in actually prosecuting anyone from it’s small trawl through celebrities.
    Butler – Sloss is the sister of Lord Havers who did nothing as attorney general in the first Elm House inquiry, yet she is independent and has the full backing of the PM, perhaps another inquiry into the selection process is required, why not it keeps a lot of fringe government “friends” employed.

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