Because It’s Public Transport, Courteney…

Courteney Hocking finds irritable people on public transport baffling (as well as a handy tool to bash her country, of course):

Like a bad spin off of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos or a new, viral social media campaign to ward off asylum seekers, crowd-filmed videos of racists on trains across the country just keep popping up.

What..? Is it even into double figures yet?

When the train abuser was confronted by Channel Nine news, who asked her to explain her outburst, she treated the journalist like a social worker, giving a long, bizarre list of excuses: a recruitment agent hadn’t called her back when she wanted them to; someone called her fat in a department store bathroom earlier in the week; her knee was sore at the time of the incident; she joined RSVP a few years ago and ended up meeting a scammer.

Well, why not? Excuses seem to work so well for others, don’t they?

Somehow, despite dishing out the racist tirade, our amateur video star was desperate to position herself as the victim.

Perhaps her environment had something to do with it, because the question keeps getting asked over and over: why are these incidents always on public transport?

Because public transport is so often hell, crammed full of other human beings, late & ripped off for the exorbitant fares, all equally disenchanted with their lot in life. It’s not really that much of a surprise, is it?